Thursday, September 20, 2012

Today I am reviewing the Dentyne Split 2 Fit gum packs.

I have tried all 3 flavors of the gum and would like to share my thoughts.

About a week ago my husband and I were running late to meet some out of town family members. We have found our life is slightly (ok that is an understatement--ha ha) more complicated now that our daughter is a toddler and so we seem to always be in a bit of a rush.

We were all packed into the car when I asked my husband if he brought the gum (I wanted to make sure my breath was nice and fresh and I also wanted something to chew during the 1 hour drive). He did not remember to bring it, and so I had him rush back into the house and get it. I had not specified which flavor so he just grabbed one pack from the 3 choices.

I did not take the time to see what flavor, and just popped 2 pieces into my mouth. I almost spit it completely out! The Artic Chill was so very VERY strong! I would describe it as Listerine flavored.

I do want to mention though, that I timed the flavor strength and it was a good 10 minutes of full blast flavor, the kind that could knock you over. If I previously had any foul or even "not freshly brushed" breath before trying this, it was certainly gone after chewing this! The flavor eventually went back to a normal minty strength within about 15 minutes and the overall flavor lasted about 30 minutes (right about the time when you want to remove gum as it begins to get harder to chew and more bland).

My husband tried the gum after me, and was happy/grateful that I warned him about the intensity. I would have to say that this Artic Chill flavor was my least favorite flavor. I think it should be saved for when you need to blast away offensive breath or when you are seriously worried or concerned that you will have bad breath around someone. It is not to the faint.

My favorite flavor is the spearmint, it is a classic mild sweet mint flavor and reminds me of the gum I used to chew back in highschool.
The peppermint was pretty nice as well and was refreshing.

All 3 seemed to make my mouth feel clean and fresh and the flavors lasted a good 30 minutes. They may have lasted longer than the 30 minutes if I left them in my mouth, but I have always been the type to get tired of chewing after 3o minutes. I get headaches easily.

No onward to the "Split2Fit" design: I realize these "new" gum packets are designed to be convenient and easier than perhaps other types of packs, however, I do not really see the hype of having them split into 2 packs. I also think it is silly to think this slimmer design will make people wear these smaller gum packs in their hats, ponytails, belt loops, or carry them on their daughter's my little pony toys. :)

Being a woman, and a mommy, I always have either a diaper bag or a purse with me or within close proximity, so I could store gum packs of various sizes and shapes. Our family has also put gum packs in the glove compartment of our suv. I do not carry gum in my pockets so the split 2 fit "convenience" does not really assist me personally in any way.

It is a fun idea, and perhaps is more convenient to young kids who do not carry purses or perhaps the male population who carry the essentials such as a cell phone, keys, and gum. My husband and I generally travel together when shopping or visiting friends, so my purse is always close by if he needs gum.

Overall this is a great gum and I was happy to review these flavors. My 2 flamingo salt and pepper shaker friends wanted to be in the picture and give their approval. :)

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