Friday, December 26, 2014

Flex Belt: Reviewed

My husband is a manager at a busy restaurant in a hotel. He has never been one to sit in his office and do paperwork, and in the past year of him being there, has sat a total of 20 minutes in his office, maybe 30. He is constantly on his feet all over the hotel and restaurant, for 9-12 hours a day. He has kept pretty slim and we have noticed his legs and upper arms strengthened and toned.

He was not always a slim person. When I met him in College, he was over 340 pounds. We dated for a few years, were engaged and through the years he lost weight and became healthier. He no longer drinks any soda, he stays active, and rarely eats fast food. Although he majored in English and Education, he ended up working at hotels as a manager and would always be busy. He now weighs about 200-210 lbs, and desires to get to about 190. His legs and arms are quite toned and he has lucked out on not having any tell tale loose skin in those areas. His face and neck seem pretty tone, but he does have a bit of a wrinkly forehead. :) He has wanted an ab belt for many many years. He had seen a infomercial on one years ago and said that if he could afford it, he would totally get one. An ab belt was never in our budget so he kind of forgot about it. About a month ago, I was selected to review one from Slendertone/Flexbelt. Obviously you can imagine the answer my husband gave to me when I asked him if he wanted to try it: "YES." I could see it in his eyes, like a boy on Christmas day. He was THRILLED I tell you.

The Flex Belt is an EMS (electric muscle stimulation) device that tones, firms, and strengthens abdominal and oblique muscles at the same time.  The Flex Belt has 10 different programs, with 150 intensity levels.  It only takes 20 to 30 minutes a day and some individuals have seen results in as little as 4 to 8 weeks.  Now I am not posting any before and after pictures in this post because he has only used it about 4 weeks.  He has lost some weight, but that is only about 1-2 lbs.  This is not really for losing weight specifically, but some people have lose a few inches from it.  The reason he wants it, and what it is designed for is to tone/firm and strengthen your core.  His abdominal area is not toned and he has excess skin.  Now this won't get rid of that sagging skin, but it should help with the appearance of a toned midsection.

The Flex Belt is said to be the first EMS abdominal belt to be cleared by the FDA and comes with a 2 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee.  When we opened the box, we saw it came with a wall charger, a carrying case, 3 gel pads, the belt, and instructions.  We needed to charge it a few hours before he used it.  The belt is a soft material and has neatly stitched seams.  It looks very well made.  It only came with enough gel pads for one person to use, however I tried the belt a few times (before he got his hairy man stomach on it--LOL).  I was surprised that despite his hairy belly, the gel tabs had maybe one hair on them after several uses.  That was impressive.  He actually takes this to work and wears it under his suit. It is not detectable at all.  You are supposed to do a 20-30 minute session once per day, but he does 2-3 per day with breaks in between.  He has been able to work up to level 95-100 comfortably and says that he definitely feels that it is toning his abdomen.  The intensity goes up to 150, and he is not sure he wants to get that far, but he thinks he will try getting to around 120.

He is loving this belt and although he does not have stunning results yet, he and I think this will be helpful for what he wants it to do. This may not work for everyone, and I am not claiming it will work for you. I do think it is working for him, and I hope to update in the next few months with some actual pictures of him and his results and journey. This was provided to me by the company, but I was not swayed to write a glowing review. Not everything works for us, and not everything will work for you. Everyone will have varying results and opinions.

This Flex Belt is available on Amazon.  You can connect with the company on Facebook.  The only thing I would have wanted as an improvement or included add on, would be for an extra set of gel pads in the box.  They are available on Amazon as well, but it would have been nice to include a set of 2, since this is a rather pricy unit.  My husband says he would love to not have the unit beep when increasing intensity.  I believe that there is a way to mute that, but I need to check the manual again. 

I recommend that you watch the user guide on Youtube as well as reading the manual, I found the video helpful.  If the unit works well and results are seen after a few months of use, then I would say it is highly recommended.  It is comfortable for him to wear and the material is smooth under clothing.  I like wearing it as well when I am at home blogging or doing housework.  My highest level that I was able to get to was 110.  It is addicting I must say, I have a hard time stopping at 1 session and am like him, I usually like to do 2 or 3.  I have only used this myself for a week daily, as I have to use it late at night when everyone else is in bed and I am enjoying my catching up time.  My husband uses this at work.  I do think we will cut off the white tag as that bothers me when I use it. 

Great product!

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