Friday, December 26, 2014

Stainless Steel 3 piece Dental Kit: Majestic Bombay: Review

My husband likes to pick his teeth, lol well sort of.  He has used a dental scraper / pick for a few years now but his broke a few months ago and he had yet to replace it.  His was one he purchased from a local grocery store and it had a plastic handle.  It was a pretty mint green color but not the best quality.  He kept it until it broke.  These scalers aren't easily found in stores, so he never got around to replacing it.  When I had the opportunity to get a 3 piece stainless steel set to review, I knew they had to be his.  These are nothing like the flimsy plastic ones.  Using a set like these help remove tartar and plaque from teeth. These are professional and look similar to ones I have seen in my dental office.  The fact that they are surgical stainless steel makes them easy to clean, and they are sturdy.  He likes the textured handle as it makes it easy to grip.  He has tried all the heads, however uses only the rounded hook as it seems the most comfortable and familiar to him.  He does use the small round mirror as well.

This set includes: 1 Dental Pick, 1 Scaling instrument, 1 Dental Mouth Mirror. (I am not sure why we would need it to, but the mirror can be unscrewed and detaches from the handle.

For more information or to purchase, you can find these on Amazon.

*I received a set of 3 for this review, however all opinions are my own and honest. These may not work for everyone, but my husband uses this set daily and likes it.*

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