Monday, December 29, 2014

Can You Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil: Reviewed

My husband loves his beard, and I love it too.  I have never been a beard loving gal, but his looks just right on him and I get really upset and sad the few times a year he shaves it off to "start fresh."  Over the past 2 years I have loved using essential oils and carrier oils.  I frequently use grape seed, argan, jojoba, rose hip and other types of oils for various skin and hair uses.  I have found that natural ingredients always work better than synthetic and chemical.  I love the improvement I have seen in my own skin and hair by using natural products.  I have gotten my husband interested in natural products and he has gone sulfate free as I have. 

I had the opportunity to review a natural product that nourishes skin and hair.  It is specifically for a man's beard, but can also be used for his scalp and hair.  The company is called Can You Handlebar and the product, wisdom beard oil , is reminiscent of  a dapper gentleman with the essence of a ruggedly handsome woodsman.  It has the scent of fresh cut spruce and cedar with a splash of lemon.  It is warm, spicy, inviting, and oh so masculine.  This oil has top quality ingredients to provide natural luster, softness and follicle strength. 

My husband enjoys keeping his beard neatly trimmed and shaped evenly.  He has always been diligent in its care for as long as I've known him.  He fancies the scent of this beard oil and the daily beard massage routine.  To use, dab some oil into your palm, between a dime and quarter sized amount, and massage it into your beard.

Long before I ever introduced him to essential oils or carrier oils for hair or skin, he has always used a comb or brush to brush his beard.  I would laugh when I would see him brush his beard forward diagonally a few times, then back down diagonally, it is an odd sort of ritual, but he has always done it after his shower when getting ready for the day.  It is quite fitting that the company recommends and sells a beard comb and brush

The beard oil comes in a classy bottle and has a vintage feel to it.  I like the lid, it is a nice touch.  The company's attention to detail extends to the bottle labeling, which is waterproof and oil-proof.  That is a fantastic feature as all my essential oils seem to easily get stained and lose their tidy appearance. 

    You can connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter to learn about upcoming sales and new products.   A sample bottle of Wisdom Beard Oil was provided to me by the company for review. 

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