Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee: Reviewed

I was sent a 16 oz (1 pound) bag of Two Volcanoes Whole Bean Coffee to test this past month.  This is a Guatemalan Gourmet Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee.  It smells quite amazing and it is FRESH. Did you ever wonder why coffee bags have the little hole at the top? (OK so maybe I was the ONLY one who did not know).  Freshly roasted coffee emits carbon dioxide (CO2) and so in order to provide the FRESHEST coffee, the opening makes this possible for the coffee to be packaged immediately so it can be on its way to your favorite coffee cup.  According to, coffee roasters used to keep coffee unpackaged for up to 24 hours in order to allow the coffee to "off gas" the CO2.  "Fresh" coffee was already a day old before it even left the supplier.  The hole in the top is a sign of quality and concern for the consumer.  The Two Volcanos company wants us to have the freshest coffee possible.  It was a nice experience to open this coffee, it immediately drenched me with beautiful coffee fragrance.

I  immediately started preparation of my coffee, er uh Latte. :) I tend to load up on milk or creamer and try to create the perfect beige. I have two hand held frothers now and so am always looking for an excuse to use them.  I opened up the coffee and scooped out 3 teaspoons of whole beans, put them in my little grinder, and then brewed in my Keurig.  I usually make a medium sized brew of coffee and then add freshly foamed 1% milk.  I do not add sugar but sometime when I am feeling the need to indulge a bit, I add some sweetened creamer.  I would prefer real creamer, but this last time the husband found some store bought creamer that was chocolate chip cookie flavored and it sounded pretty tasty.  The coffee turned out well and although I personally only drink coffee about twice a week, my husband drinks about 2 cups per day.  He says this brand tastes nice and he liked it.  I like having whole beans and grinding them on my own.  I am not a master at it, but it does seem like it makes for a better experience.  The bag is resealable with the bendable twist tie clamps at the top.

What is neat about this particular coffee brand is the background of its name.  This coffee is cultivated near the base of Guatemala's most important volcanoes: Tajana and Tajumulco. This is a sweeter and milder coffee bean that is said to have delicate floral notes. I am not a connoisseur in coffee, and did not really taste floral notes, however this coffee definitely was smooth and was enjoble to drink.  The Guatemalan volcanic soil provides a more fertile ground for coffee beans to grow, which in turn makes for better quality beans.  I like how the company is the one who grows, harvests, processes the coffee.  Two Volcanos company usesbeans that are organic. There are no synthetic substances used,  no herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. These are pure and top quality at a great price, as you are getting the coffee directly from the ones who lovingly cultivated it.  This coffee is available on Amazon.

You can connect with them on Facebook to learn more.  I was send one bag for review.

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