Monday, December 22, 2014

Brookylyn Beans Kcup Variety pack / Two Rivers Coffee

I had the opportunity to review a coffee k-cup variety pack from Brooklyn Beans.  This pack contains an assortment of delicious light roast and flavored coffees, as well as medium and bold varieties. I mainly enjoyed these coffee kcups prepared cold, blended with ice and whipped cream on most days, yes, I know it is winter and yes, I live in an old drafty house and I should be trying to stay warm, but I like frozen coffee. :) This is how I prepared my coffee for ultimate happiness...

The night before, I would brew a kcup of a flavored variety. My favorites were Vanilla Skyline, and Oh Fudge, but the others were pretty great as well. I would pour the coffee into my silicone ice cube tray mold and the next morning I had wonderful coffee igloos to put into my Magic Bullet Blender. I usually used 3 round igloo-like shaped coffee molds. Doing it this way is much better as the coffee is cold and not watered down by any ice. I have tried it in the past with freshly brewed coffee and ice and the ice melts immediately and the coffee waters down. Not tasty.

I then add in 1% milk and I blend until thick and the consistency of a milk shake, and then pour into a glass. I like to top it with either some dark chocolate chips or pure cacao powder. The chocolate chips is not something I do often as it can add on a lot of un-needed fat. I only did the chocolate chips once (for the picture to be pretty and it was a nice treat). I usually make this without any added sugar, but sometimes for a touch of sweet, I add some french vanilla creamer.

My husband enjoys his coffee hot all year round and had a cup each day. The Brooklyn Bean kcup variety is nice to familiarize with the brand and flavors, giving you an idea of what your favorites are. I think I would prefer the Flavored Variety Pack.  My husband enjoys the Breakfast and Medium variety.  Both of us seem to save the bold ones for the bottom of the box.

The Flavored Variety Pack includes: Vanilla Skyline, Maple Sleigh, Cinnamon Subway, Coney Island Caramel, Oh Fudge, Hazelnut.
 Medium Variety Pack which includes: Boardwalk Blend, Brooklyn Bridge Blend, Colombian, Corner Donut Shop.

Breakfast Variety Pack includes: Boardwalk Blend, Breakfast Blend, Breakfast Blend Decaf, Brooklyn Bridge Blend.
Bold Variety Pack includes: Cyclone, Express-o, French Roast, Fuhgeddaboutit.

There was a bit of a problem.  There was a delay and error with my order of coffee and my box actually arrived to me only last week.  I normally have a little over a month to try products that I am reviewing, but this arrived to me late.  I also want to mention that I was selected to review their other brand, which is Two Rivers, however in the error, I was sent this Brookyn Beans instead.  The great thing is, I think I would prefer this Brookyn Beans variety as it has more types that my husband and I would drink, so it worked out.  I only wished I had longer than 1 week to review this pack.  I do not drink coffee every day so having only a week to test these, I was only able to try 4 flavors/4 kcups (Cinnamon Subway, Coney Island Caramel, Oh Fudge and Vanilla Skyline). 

Other than my issue above, I do not have anything negative to say about this coffee, we both enjoyed it.

Connect with the company on Facebook to learn about new flavors and products, as well as a peak into their thoughts for the week.  This sampler pack was sent to me in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  My husband and I are enjoying this box of flavors. I recommend that you check out their website and perhaps you might see your new favorite coffee.  Please note, that these will not work in the new Keurig 2.0 machines as these are a third party and not certified by Keurig.  If you have the original Platinum version, you are fine and these work. 

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