Friday, December 26, 2014

Organic Ceremonial Grade Green Tea Matcha: Kissme Organics: Reviewed

I have tried quite a few matcha green tea powders as well as white matcha and black matcha.  All of them have been good and have been enjoyed either hot or blended in a latte or frozen smoothie.  Previously they have all been culinary grade, regular grade matcha.  I have yet to try matcha cake or ice cream but am eager to try it very soon.  matcha is a bit bitter and earthy and takes some getting used to.  I always add milk and a touch of honey or add to a protein smoothie.  I had not previously tried ceremonial grade despite learning how much more palatable and slightly sweeter.  Ceremonial grade costs a whole lot more.  I have seen it range from around $30 an ounce to around $48-50.  Cost had been the determining factor in me not trying it.  I was excited to be able to try some from Kissme Organics.  I had tried their culinary grade a few months back and liked it, however it seemed slightly bitter when drinking it hot in a cup, so I would add it to my morning smoothie.

The ceremonial grade matcha from Kissme is quite nice in appearance.  The tin is attractive and unique.  Upon removing the top lid, you see that the match is sealed for freshness with a pop top pull tab similar to a soda can.  After removal, the tea is in a sealed bag.  This keeps it extra fresh.  It is recommended to use within 2 months of opening.

The matcha fills the bag only half way.  It is suggested to add 1/2 tsp of matcha to the teacup and then add 3 oz of hot water.  I would have liked a resealable plastic zip closure, twist tie/bendable clamp (like some coffee bags), or resealable sticker to keep the bag sealed when putting it back in the tin.

I added my water and used a metal whisk.  A bamboo whisk is traditionally used, but I do not have one.  I really should get one as it would make the experience nicer.  I tried making the "W" shape formations as best as I could.  I was able to make a slight foam on top.  I taste the matcha straight without any add ins.  I did notice a milder, more pleasant flavor, however it was still not as sweet as I would like.  I decided to add some pure vanilla extract (no alcohol in the version I buy--most store brands have 35% alcohol!) a tiny sprinkling of sugar (you can use whatever sweetener you like, I only like sugar or honey--the "pink", "blue", and "yellow" packet varieties do not please me personally) and some 1% milk.  But before I did that, I used my hand held, battery operated milk frother and made a little foam in a separate mug.  This added vanilla, sugar, and milk made my matcha extra delicious.  I realize I tampered with the experience (both in prep and flavor) but this tasted nice. 

Kissme Matcha is certified, organic and family-owned.  It comes from a Japanese tea farm that has been operating since 1915, and run by the same family for over 3 generations.  I like that, and find comfort in it.

I like drinking matcha, I feel more alert and energized and happier.  I have had better mornings because of it, and have even had less migraines.  Now I am not saying it will help you with your headaches or migraines, or give you personally more energy, I am just saying that it has helped me.

Matcha is a finely powdered form of green tea leaves.  Matcha is healthier and more beneficial because you consume the entire leaf, providing your body and mind with a maximum potency of Polyphenols and EGCG.
Do you normally drink a lot of coffee or caffeine packed energy drinks? Matcha acts as both as a stimulant and a relaxant. This is ideal for those who need to concentrate or become more alert, perhaps for studying for a test, writing a paper, or just getting through a busy day with little ones (like me).

You can learn more about the Kissme Organics brand by visiting their website.  You can also connect with them on Twitter to hear about new products and upcoming sales.  This ceremonial  matcha is available on Amazon.

*Kissme Organics sent me a sample for review, all opinions are my own.*

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