Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ozeri 3x 44" Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology: Reviewed

I had another opportunity to try a product from the Ozeri Company. I have a previous review on a fan of theirs that I rated 5 stars and love so much.  The Ozeri company really makes some clever items for the home. 

I decided to review the 44 inch Passive Noise Reduction Tower Fan that they have. It is quite unique looking, and resembles a high end speaker system. I love the look of this fan and the honeycomb vent holes. It seems safe to be used around our 2 small children, and the honeycomb pattern looks classy. I do not need to worry about little inquisitive fingers getting stuck in the fan. My 8 month old will never be anywhere near the fan anytime soon. My daughter has this fan in her room and she know to only have Mommy and Daddy adjust the fan in position, powering on and off, and speeds. She also knows not to put toys or clothes against it. The base is reinforced glass and seems like it will hold up well. We have the fan on carpet and it is sturdy.

The fan arrived well packaged / well padded. The entire fan took 5 minutes or less to put together, even with a bouncy almost 4 year old asking me what I was doing and what was in the box. :) I did not have to use the directions much, just basic skimming.

The 44 inch height is great and being able to decide if 1 fan is plenty or all 3 are needed, is nice. We like the natural breeze/beach mode feature (feels like a gentle and authentic natural breeze) and the speed levels seem accurate. I like how it is remote controlled and has a secret compartment in the back to hold the remote. The base is sturdy

I think the glossy black looks nice but it does show fingerprints and dust easily, whereas the other fan by the same company (Ozeri Ultra Tower fan (42 inch)) is a matte grey finish and looks cleaner and dust free, despite us having it much longer. The blue LED light on the base of this fan is fine for my daughter (she sleeps through the night with a lamp on in her room), but it may bother some people who need it almost pitch black in the room to sleep.

Changing modes on this fan is simple, and the options are easy to understand. However, I would have preferred there to be a way to mute the beeps when you are changing modes or turning the fan on and off. Often I will want to change modes while checking on my sleeping daughter and I fear that she will wake up as the beeps are loud. I like how it has an auto shut off timer that you can set if you desire. There is a sleep mode that dims the lights as well. I do not think the mode lights being on constantly is necessary.

The fan has a nice amount of air it puts out and level/speed 1 works well for us when my daughter is sleeping. The sound of the fan is not completely quiet, but we (the whole family) actually like sleeping with sounds of ocean and water and so my daughter finds the fan soothing.

The fan had been working great up until about 3 days ago and I usually like to wait about 3 weeks to test a product just in case it does have some issues. The fan makes a clicking noise when on oscillating. This is a bit of a problem as we have only had it about 3 weeks and oscillating /"swing" is the mode my daughter likes it on. I have only noticed a problem when it is moving. The fan is normal when it is stationary. I have checked the fan and there is nothing blocking it or clogging the motor or fan blade area so I am stumped.

The fan has great reviews on Amazon and other online stores, so perhaps my unit is just defective and this is a fluke. We only run this at night (from about 8 pm until a little before 8 am) on speed 1, beach setting and swing/oscillate. I am hoping the clicking noise will fix itself.

For more information about this company, you can visit them on their website,  or connect with them on Facebook.

*Sample unit sent for review. This is my personal experience, not everyone will have my opinion. I do like the fan, I just am sad that it is making a noise.

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