Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kobert Mobile Waterproof Universal Cell Phone, Camera, etc. Case: Reviewed

Although summer is gone (*tear*) that does not mean your cell phone or camera is safe from water damage.  There are still going to be days when it is pouring rain or you go sledding with friends and family, or decide to go swimming indoors.  Protecting your investment is important as these devices cost big money to replace.  I had the opportunity to test out a waterproof case/sleeve from Kobert Mobile.  I had never seen one of these type cases before and it interested me.  Now I do not have a fancy shmancy  cell phone anymore, but this one was pricy when it was purchased.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (yeah pretty stone age compare to most of you) and although it is not a new phone, mine looks and functions as new because I have always pampered it and never have dropped it or gotten it wet.  This case wont protect your phone from falls, but it will make it so you can go sledding (quite a wet activity if you are clumsy like me and sleep to get soaked whenever you go) or out in a rainstorm without worry of a water damaged device.  It is waterproof to 100 feet under water, so you could take it to the beach or pool and not miss out on pictures.  (I sure would love to go to the beach right now, I am not a winter gal).

Apparently you can take pictures with the case on as it is clear, see-through plastic on both sides for pictures & movies under the water.  (pretty neat) There is even access to your touch screen phone while in the case.
Here is the size: 3.34" x 6.49" (8.5 CM x 16.5 CM) This is big enough to fit big cell phones or when you want to fit more than 1 item in the bag, such as your credit cards, cash, keys, phone, and you can store medicine in the bag.  You may need your ID, cash and your phone handy but are afraid they will fall out of your pockets into water.  This comes with a handy neck strap. 

You can find this case on Amazon.  You can also stay up to date with new products and deals on their Facebook page.

See the video below for my first test of this case (using tissue paper).  It is suggested to do a test with tissue paper before inserting any device just in case your case is defective.  If the case does not pass the test, contact the company immediately and they will replace it.  The company stands by their products & offers a no questions asked 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  There is an additional 1 YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE on the waterproof case.  That is very reassuring to know.

I tested this for 5 minutes fully submerged in the bowl of water.  I weighted the case down with a spoon.  I realize I should have used a full sink.  I have not tested in 100 feet of water obviously, but this does give some idea of what would happen.  In the video the case is not shown fully in the water, but I did swish it around several times, and pressed it down, and even bent it a little to keep all sides and areas soaked on the outside.

A sample case was sent for my review. This is my honest opinion, I am not connected in any way to this company.

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