Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Simplybeautiful Basic 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush - Ivory Colored Handle: Reviewed

I had gotten a vintage Butterscotch Bakelite long handled badger shaving brush (Finest/Silvertip) for my birthday and being that it is a highly sought after vintage brand with a newly knotted, large 30 mm knot, I never take it with me traveling for fear of it getting left or lost.  I had wanted to have a spare brush that I could take along with me that I could easily repurchase if needed.  I had the opportunity to review an entry level 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush  from SimplyBeautiful.

Now when I say this brush is "entry level" it really is not a jab at this company at all.  Badger hair shaving brushes come in many levels or "grades."  This is a Pure hair badger, which means it is real hair, and is from the animal, but feels rougher / scratchier because the hairs come from the belly of the badger.  These are cheaper in price and seem to be more commonly available.  They work well as starter brushes or backup/travel brushes.  For those using a Pure badger, it can provide some added exfoliation and smoothing of the skin.

The grades of badger hair become softer and more expensive as they improve in quality.  The next level or grade that is a slight step up from Pure, is the Best badger hair which is made from the back and side hairs of the badger.  It is a similar level to the Pure, and still a bit scratchy.  The next grade is Super badger hair, which is almost as nice as Silvertip in performance, softness and color.  The tips are dyed to look like Silvertip and the hairs come from the back of the animal.  The price is a lot less than Silvertip.  However, if money is not an issue, it is a luxury to get a Silvertip badger hair brush.  It holds water well and results in a frothy, luxurious lather. 

The SimplyBeautiful Pure Badger brush is not nearly as nice as a Super Badger or Silvertip, however works well as a travel brush or to get you accustomed to wet shaving while staying in budget. I use this brush to shave my legs and so I do not might the slight rough feel, as it provides exfoliation.  The knot (diameter of the base of the hair) of this brush is more narrow and smaller than I am accustomed or particularly enjoy, however works fine for a spare brush and for travel.  It is a shorter handle than I prefer, but the smoothness of the handle and the curvature do make it comfortable to hold.  I use a shaving soap puck that is essential oil, Kokum, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, and glycerin based.  I am able to generate a decent lather with this brush.  

To prepare my brush for shaving, I let it sit in a cup of hot water (not boiling as you do not want to loosen the adhesive of the brush knot) to soften them and fan them out.  I leave it in the water for about 1-2 minutes then shake the excess water from the brush.  I then lather my brush over the puck several times until a frothy foam forms.  I then put my brush in my shaving bowl (review on the bowl in the next post) and add some essential oils, rose water, glycerin, and my homemade Calendula oil.  I finish making a lather and then shave.

For about $10, this brush cannot be beat.  It sheds a few hairs (1-3) each shaving session and does smell like a badger would when wet, however, it does its intended job and works pretty well.  I am keeping it for use as my travel brush and for those days when I need some extra exfoliation on my legs.  The handle is an ivory colored plastic.

To purchase this brush, you can find it on Amazon.  See the video below for visual review.

I received this brush as a sample to review. This is my honest opinion of this brush.

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