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Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder: Reviewed

I love watching birds. We live out in rural horse country, in Kentucky. Yes I have all my teeth, they are straight, and I do not wear jean overalls. Ok, well I did when I was pregnant with both my little ones, but that was because few things fit or were comfortable to me in my third trimester. Let me tell you I rocked them, ok well maybe not. :) Anyway, I do love birds and it is very relaxing to hear the pretty chirp of birds when waking up in the early morning. No, I am not a morning personal at all, but having small children, you have to be--or at least pretend you are. Birds and their happy whistles help, and a nice tall glass of Green Matcha Tea blended with frozen banana and Cacao Powder Protein shake for energy. :)

I had the opportunity to review a clear view suction window bird feeder from the Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder company. It is a cute and sturdy all clear bird feeder that attaches to a window for viewing at all angles. I was so excited to put this up on our double window in the kitchen. It has a nice perch rest for birds to take a little rest while they taste the delicious feed I have set out for them.

The feeder did not really have much set up. I noticed that the 3 suction cups on my feeder were too close together for quick attachment to the window. My husband had to fit them just right to get them to stay flat, but eventually they fit together. We have had a few heavy rains and storms this month and this house has stayed on the window.

I sadly have not had one single bird visit this home. Perhaps I need to set up an open house and give out free poppy seed muffins. Perhaps they would stop by and sing for me. I did contact the company, and YellowBeaks company was quick to respond (the same day) and offered some detailed suggestions / tips on how to get the birds to feed at my feeder. They suggested I put some birdseed sprinkled nearby around the feeder on the ground area so they can be drawn to the feeder. I have never had a problem with birds cming to my wooden feeder that was on a shepherds hook staff on my back porch, however we had to take that down as several times a day a greedy squirrel thief would move in a stay all day until almost all the feed was gone. I did see a video recently of someone putting petroleum jelly on the post and watched as the squirrel tried with at its might to climb up the pole, only to keep sliding down. It is pretty funny actually. I do not hate squirrels, they just need to stop eating my bird seed. They can have the acorns or black walnuts in our yard.

One thing about the YellowBeaks feeder is that is is intended to keep squirrels away as the roof is a bit slanted and slippery. Just be sure to attach the bird feeder higher off the ground, away from tree branches, posts, and fences. I hope that soon some birds will stop on by and allow my 3 1/2 year old and I to watch them. I will try putting some bread crumbs out, perhaps they will come for a visit. I might have a bit more luck in the winter time, when snow is on the ground and other food sources are more scarce.

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This is available on Amazon in case you want more information, to purchase, or to read other user reviews: Window Bird Feeder by Yellow Beaks

I want to note that my feeder had suction cups that were extremely close to each other. The stock photo shows suction cups that look widely spaced and much different than mine.

Product Details:
Dimensions: 9.6 x 5.9 x 6.6 inches
Weight: 1 pound
Accessories: 3 suction cups

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