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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Good Karma Zone: Reviewed

Our daughter is now 3 1/2 and has worn Baltic Amber jewelry since she was 5 months old, which was right around the time she started teething. We did not want to give her infant pain medicine or teething tablets. We did give her some Gripe Water a few times, but the Baltic Amber was the best option for our family. We started her out with an anklet but it worked so well that within a week or 2 she was wearing 2 anklets and a necklace. Without her Baltic amber she was increasingly fussy, drool-y and could not sleep well through the night. She was a completely different temperament when she wore them. She wore her sets for several months until the anklets became too small and then Mommy put the 2 anklets together to make an adult anklet. Our daughter's Baltic Amber necklace is still in her room and after 3 years of wearing it daily, removing only for swimming and bathing, we decided a new set was needed as hers was getting a bit worn on the strings. We opted for a honey colored amber necklace with genuine turquoise beads. She has been wearing her current one for a few weeks now.

We had our second child, a son in April. We knew that we would be introducing Baltic Amber to him as well. I shop on Amazon with quite some regularity and found several options. I had the opportunity to try an amber necklace from Good Karma Zone. The owner is friendly and answered my questions promptly.

I selected the Honey amber necklace as it matched our daughter's necklace. This honey amber necklace a pretty color, gender neutral, and has rounded polished amber beads. The necklace is approximately 13 Inches long and hand knotted between every bead for safety. This necklace arrived promptly and in a clear bag with a paper stating it was Certified Genuine / Authentic Baltic Amber (Certificate of Authenticity from the manufacturer in Lithuania).

Baltic Amber beads should be knotted between every bead to prevent the entire loss of beads falling everywhere on the floor if the necklace happens to break. Also, this prevents more than one bead being swallowed in the extreme case that a child puts it in their mouth. The necklace is designed break under pressure to prevent entanglement or choking if the necklace gets caught on something. However, it is only advised to put this on children during the day, and under direct supervision. It is suggested to wrap the necklace around the child's ankle at night for sleeping. It is also suggested to select a size that is not too long so as to prevent the child from being able to place part of the necklace in their mouth. These beads are not for chewing. Baltic Amber teething jewelry is to be worn against the skin, so that the warmth of the skin heats and activates the amber and releases the healing agents.

Baltic Amber and Healing:

Baltic Amber is fossilized pine tree sap resin and when warmed, it releases Succinic Acid. These natural oils are absorbed into the skin, into the bloodstream. This provides natural pain relieving properties which calm and ease the discomfort and pain of teething. Often drooling, irritability, and sleeplessness can be alleviated from wearing Baltic amber. The child is in less pain, and so will be able to rest easier and overall be a happier child.

The seller currently has polished Baltic Amber available in Lemon, Honey, Cognac, and Multicolored. There are differing levels of Succinic Acid based on type of amber (color) and based on whether it is polished or unpolished (raw).

Raw Baltic amber is unprocessed, uncooked, untreated amber. It is processed very minimally if at all, and is said to be stronger in potency of Succinic acid. The Honey amber necklace we got was polished for aesthetic reasons, it provides a nice shine and luster. Polished Amber is not as strong in Succinic Acid due to the polishing, smoothing, heating processes used to make it shine. This amber still contains enough Succinic acid to provide healing and pain relief to teething babies, and even provides some pain relief for adults. Adults with Carpal Tunnel, headaches, neck pain, etc. can wear Baltic Amber directly on the area of discomfort, or as close to the site as possible.

The lighter colors of Amber are said to contain the most Succinic acid. Milk (buttery white), Butter (a cloudy butter yellow) are the lightest colors (currently not offered from this seller). The next in terms of strength, is Lemon (clear yellow), Light Honey (Golden, appears a little darker than Lemon), Honey (Honey toned), Cognac (dark golden reddish brown), Cherry (Reddish). According to a lady I spoke with who makes Amber necklaces on her own, Baltic amber is cooked/heated to render these darker colors. I have seen amber so dark is is almost black like coffee.

Baltic Amber should be worn against the site of pain. Babies who are teething will benefit most from a necklace worn as that is closest to their mouth. Bracelets and anklets will still help with teething, but it will take longer for the Succinic Acid to travel through the blood stream to reach their teething mouths. Many adults suffering pain or discomfort in the wrist/hand from Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel, find that wearing a Baltic Amber bracelet helps provide some relief.

Amber Care:

It is important that you remove your Baltic Amber when cleaning with chemicals or swimming or bathing. Do not allow perfume, hairspray, lotions, sunscreens, and soaps get on your Baltic Amber as that will coat it and can damage the healing effects. You can gently rinse it under water and dry with a gentle cloth such as a tshirt if you need to clean your amber.

Authenticity Test For Fun:

I thought it would be neat to do my own test of authenticity of this necklace. I mixed up some salt water (dissolve one part salt in two parts water) and put the necklace into the water. True amber should sink in regular water and float in the salt water. Fake Amber does not float in salt water. It did start to float, but quickly sank. The 2 screw clasp beads at the end are plastic and so they weighted the necklace and brought it down to the bottom of my salt water glass. The rest of the necklace is indeed real as I was able to do further testing with my LED black light. Real Baltic Amber does glow well under black light. Please make sure to do this away from your child, as black lights are damaging to eyes when shined into them. There are many different tests to prove Amber as real, but many are meant for professionals, because if these tests done incorrectly, they can damage the Amber. (Some tests involve using Acetone, Scratching or burning the Amber). I will leave the more complicated methods for those that know more about Amber than I do. I am just a Mama who love Baltic Amber, has done some reading on it, and has just used it in our home for 3 years.

Here is the Good Karma Zone Honey Amber (first 2 pictures) glowing along with our son's infant bracelet (authentic).

My Thoughts? Suggestions?

I like this necklace. It arrived in a nice packaging and is pretty. It seems to help our son who is 5 months and teething. I would have preferred this to be raw unpolished amber, as that is what our 3 1/2 yr. old daughter has. The polished is what we started our daughter on years ago, but then we had learned about the stronger benefits of unpolished. The polished will still provide relief. I would request that perhaps in the future the seller provide a smaller length necklace as well as the 13 inch. My 3 1/2 yr. old daughter currently wears a 12 inch necklace and it is the perfect size for her, it is not too tight or loose. This 13 inch size is on the large side for my 5 month old, luckily he will be able to wear it a long time and grow into it. I think if the seller could offer an 11 inch and a 13 inch option it might better suite a wider age or children.

Where can I find this Lovely?

For more information, you can find this necklace on Amazon from the Good Karma Zone: Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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