Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ageless by Thera Vita Hyaluronic Acid Serum: Reviewed

I had the opportunity to try out another hyaluronic acid this month. I have tried several over the past year. This one is by Thera Vita and comes in a tall, slender, 1.7 fluid ounce container with an "airless pump." This style of bottle allows for a fresher product, by preventing excess exposure to air. When you depress the pump, it creates a vacuum effect, drawing the product upwards. They have a tiny pin hole at the bottle of the bottle.

The bottle is attractive and comfortable to hold. Since it is housed in a clear toned bottle, I would suggest keeping it out of direct light or sunny areas. Usually serums and essential oils are in dark amber or dark cobalt blue glass dropper bottles which keep direct light out and can preserve the potency and purity of the product. However, they are opened frequently and exposed to air with dropper bottles. Perhaps this company can modify their airless pumps to be a more opaque.

This serum is very soothing to my skin. I like putting in on my face and neck, but I also put it between my chest and decolletage as I am a side sleeper and have some creasing. This application of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum feels wonderful on my skin, especially at night before bed on a hot summer night. It instantly cools me. I am thinking it is the Aloe Vera and the witch hazel.

Aloe Vera is very cooling, soothing, and healing. Aloe Vera acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is always a good idea to put aloe on a burn, cut, abrasion, or irritation as it will speed healing and calm the skin. Aloe Vera helps with preventing and smoothing wrinkles. My mom has not worn makeup since she was in her 30's, she is in her 60's now and the only thing she uses on her face all these years is pure clear Aloe Vera gel. She also drinks a lot of water and eats vegetables daily. She has very tight skin on her face for her age.

Witch Hazel soothes, heals, and protects irritated skin. I like the cooling sensation witch hazel provides. It also calms puffy skin, which makes this serum perfect for using under the delicate eye area that can often get baggy from lack of sleep or from loss of collagen and elastin in skin.

Another wonderful ingredient that stands out in this serum is Geranium, which is great for regenerating skin, reducing inflammation, and encourages circulation. It is extremely healing and it also smells nice.

Green tea is antioxidant rich, and also soothes and heals skin. It helps with slowing the appearance of aging. It is anti-inflammatory and calms skin. Have you ever put cooled tea bags on your tired eyes?

I also like how this has jojoba oil in it, which is an oil I use daily in my regimen. Jojoba is not greasy or heavy, it is similar to our skins own oil/sebum. It moisturizes and has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory aspects as well.

This is a nice serum. Hyaluronic acid does wonders for skin, and this seems to be a great one. I have not had any irritation or redness, and this makes my skin feel soft and moisturized. I love using it on my face, neck, chest, and I even have used it on the backs of my hands to keep my hands looking young and smooth.

This is available on Amazon: Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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