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Makeup by ONE DIRECTION: Introduction and Release: Review

Do you ever want a makeup look that stands out and would look stunning at your next concert, party or date night? Let me introduce to you a makeup set featuring looks inspired by the music group, One Direction. These collectible makeup sets are distributed by Markwins, the company that makes Wet n Wild cosmetics---the company most all of us grew up on. But before you head over to your local drugstore, know that you won't find them there. These are arriving at special higher end department stores such as Dillards, Macy's and Lord and Taylor starting this month.

This range of makeup will inspire music fans and the bold fashonistas. The line currently has 3 limited edition collectable tins, each with their own theme. Makeup from One Direction is fun, bold, and perhaps a little unexpected. With prices that suit most any beauty budget.


The Looks Collection are three keepsake tins inspired by One Direction and these albums, Up All Night, Take Me Home and the latest chart topper, Midnight Memories. Each tin comes with shades that will inspire the rocker chic in you.

Details on the 3 Looks Collection tins:

I was sent the The Midnight Memories tin for review. This particular color palette suites my style.

This set has intense blacks, bold red lips and metallic nail polish.

Eyeshadow palette contains:

Little White Lies – Palest Warm Grey
Dont Forget Where You Belong – Soft Pink Shimmer
Half A Heart – Metal Grey
Strong – Charcoal Black Matte Shimmer
Midnight Memories – Silver Glitter Creme

‘Best Song Ever’ – Crimson Red Creme Lipstick

‘Through The Dark’ Liquilights glow gloss: Electric Glitter Poppy lip gloss that glows to Neon Red Orange under UV light

‘Little Black Dress’ – Volumising Black Mascara

‘Right Now’ – Metallic steel nail polish

‘Better Than Words’ – Black eye and body crayon


Macy'sAugust 11th

Stage Stores August 25th

Dillards August 25th

Beauty Brands August 25th

Lord and Taylor - August 25th

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Connect with the Company and Product:

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My thoughts:

I was actually surprised and impressed with this collection. I grew up on Wet n Wild products so I had an idea of what I was envisioning this palette to be like. I have to say it is much better than I was expecting.

‘Best Song Ever’ – Crimson Red Creme Lipstick: and ‘Through The Dark’ Liquilights glow gloss:

I wear this red lip stick nearly every day now (I love how it is matte and the color is nice) and the lip gloss is quite nice as well to add some shine to the matte red and play up the pout. The red lipstick is definitely a vintage old hollywood look in my opinion. I Love it, since I often wear 40's, 50's and 60's inspired looks. It is a nice RED. The perfect red in my opinion. I also am fond of the square shape of the tube, it is rather comfortable to hold and feels sturdy. The peekaboo color at the bottom of the tube is a nice touch as well.

Eye Shadow Palette:

Since I normally do not wear a smokey eye, I thought I would showcase the greys. I liked the eye shadows and the colors paired well together, however I was sad to see that the glitter on the grey creme shadow, Midnight Memories was actually just a thin layer. I was only able to use that top layer one time, before it was no longer considered a glitter eye shadow. The glitter "layer" was gone. The glittery shade was one I was super excited about using for eyeliner. I used a bent eyeliner brush (one that came from a gel liner pot) to apply the glitter grey cream shadow. The grey layer under the glitter was very thin and pale in application. I also found that even though I applied eyeshadow primer before the shadow was applied, I did have some color wear off rather quickly and crease. I think my favorite color was the pink shade, Don't Forget Where You Belong. I wear mainly pink, peach, blues or frosty white shades for shadows, so this pink definitely is one I liked best from the palette.

The overall feel of the eye shadow palette case is thinner than I would like. I noticed it did not open as easily as I would have liked.

'Right Now' Nail Varnish: Dark metallic grey:

I applied polish without a base coat and did not use a top coat so as to get a general idea of the color and application. I normally do 2-3 coats, I did 2 coats. My first picture is 1 coat, and then the next few pictures are only 2 coats. I think this performed well. The polish goes on evenly with some shimmer to it. Looking closely I can see pink and green speckles, they are not noticeable unless you look closely. It is a fun little touch of color. The nail polish nearly matches the dark grey metallic eye shadow Half A Heart. They seem to have the same color shimmers. I think the dark grey polish would look great on my toenails. Too bad sandal season is almost over. I have some metallic silver leather sandals I love.

‘Little Black Dress’ – Volumising Black Mascara:

The mascara was just okay for me. I am always on the lookout for a new mascara as I have tried most every drugstore brand, as well as many higher end brands. I like a mascara to be the blackest shade possible and give the illusion of false lashes. I generally prefer a large rubbery brush. I think this mascara worked decently, however a big concern of mine was there was no mascara stopper for the wand going in and out of the tube. I am not sure the mascara was volumizing, but it gave a nice natural look. I did not seem to have much smudging.

‘Better Than Words’ – Black eye and body crayon:

I was not much of a fan of this eyeliner/crayon. I won't be using the included stencils and even if I did, the crayon rubs off and smudges too quickly for my tastes. I tried it on my hand and gently swiped a finger over it 5 minutes after application. I can forsee it smearing and perhaps getting on clothing if worn as a body art stencil. For eyeliners, I usually do a 60's cat eye / winged look and like either a precise liquid felt tip pen liner or a liquid brush on liner.

Final Thoughts and My Favorite Items:

Overall this is a decent basic makeup set. I like the color shades of the eye shadows, however they did not have the best staying power. I liked the pink shade the best. I really would have liked the glittery grey to be a full glitter shade, and not just a thin layer.

The lipstick and lip gloss I REALLY liked loved. I wear them a lot, sometimes together, and sometimes separately. I want to try the hot pink lipstick and lip gloss from the Up All Night Set from One Direction. ('I Should Have Kissed You' - Bubblegum Pink Crème lipstick and Powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss) I liked the nail polish, it will be a great Fall color for me on my fingernails, or a nice classy toenail shade with my silver metallic sandals in the summer (however it is a bit dark of a shade for summer).

Sponsored Post: This product was received as part of my affiliation with BrandBacker, however these are my honest views of the product.

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