Monday, September 8, 2014

Paradise Coconut Oil: Reviewed

We use coconut oil for so many things in this household. I add it to my homemade cloth wipes solution for our little one, I use it to make homemade deodorant (see my recipe using this exact brand: Here) I use it on dry skin (elbows, heels, etc.) I cook with it, deep condition my hair with it, soften rough cuticles and around my fingernails, remove labels from jars, and even "oil pull" my teeth with it every once in a while. Coconut oil works wonderfully as a cloth diaper safe preventative and treatment of diaper rash.

I had recently finished our jar of coconut oil and was able to try a new brand. The brand I am reviewing is by Thera Vita and is called "#1 Organic Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin For Hair, Skin, Eating, Cooking & Smoothies! Love It Or Your Money Back! 100% Pure & Unrefined, Cold Pressed, All Natural, Non-GMO, Straight From Fiji! Gluten Free, Vegan, Low Carb. Try It Risk Free! Thera Vita">Paradise Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oi." It is Pure, unrefined, cold pressed and the coconuts are hand picked with love by locals in Fiji.

This particular brand smells different than others I have tried. The color is more of a creamy yellow versus the white color I am used to. I have not tasted this as we have decided to use this particular jar for body care use. Coconut oil has so many wonderful uses. But of the many I have mentioned, I love using it in my homemade deodorant cream in a jar. After my shower, after towel drying, I apply about a nickle sized amount under each armpit for antibacterial use to block bacteria, which is what actually is what causes odor (not our sweat). After the coconut oil soaks in which takes only about 3 minutes, I then apply my homemade mixture.

Many deodorants and cosmetics contain parabens, (synthetic preservatives) aluminum, and a long list of chemicals. Absorption of parabens and other chemicals can potentially harm hormonal balance, cause skin irritation, and can lead to health problems (even some forms of cancer). I do not want to put myself or my family at risk. I have been a natural deodorant user for over a year and a half now. I do not always make my own deodorant, but I know that it works on wetness and odor for me, and it is easy to make when I run out of store bought natural deodorants. Finding a good quality, completely natural store bought one is difficult. I went through at least 8-10 brands before I found one or 2 that I really liked. Some were irritating to my skin (contained baking soda, which my body cannot handle well without a rash or itchiness). Some natural deodorants simply did not work and I did not feel my freshest. I do have 2 brands I use regularly that work for me. Currently I am out of my store brand natural one, so have been using my homemade one the past few weeks. The protection is quite amazing, and holds up even in these 90 degree temperatures. The nice thing is that I know exactly what I have put in there.

To see my recipe I am currently using: Click Here.

For more information on Thera Vita Coconut Oil: Organic Coconut Oil

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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