Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sunsella Mighty Pops: Silicone Popcicle Molds: Reviewed

We do not let our 3 1/2 year old have many sweets. She has only had milk and water to drink, with the exception of some watered down apple juice a few times in her lifetime. I guess we wanted to start her out with a love for water and milk very young and not get her accustomed to the taste for sugary, low nutrition, sometimes chemical based drinks. Luckily she loves water and always has her kiddie cup full of fresh water all day long. We always made sure to offer healthy snacks as well. She loves raisins, cheddar cracker bunnies (an organic version of goldfish crackers), no added sugar apple sauce, nuts, carrot sticks, and dried low sugar cereal such as rice puffs, Kix, and Cheerios. With the exception of the apple sauce, all of these items have been taken along with us for outings. She eats all day long pretty much, and due to the healthy "grazing" she is quite slim and her metabolism is great.

When I was given the opportunity to review some silicone molds for homemade popsicle I was super excited. These 6 colorful silicone molds were an instant hit in our family. Even the baby, who is 5 months, liked teething on one of the molds frozen with filtered water a few times. The cold pop soothed his gums and the gummy texture of the silicone was soothing as well. We like how they were easy to quickly wash up between uses either by using soap and water by hand, or washing in the dishwasher on top rack.

After they were washed, I filled half of them with orange juice with the pulp in it, and the other half was pineapple juice and orange juice mixed, I do admit I did add a small amount filtered water to these to lower the sugar content, but they still were fruity and tasted great. I even tried freezing some left over smoothies in them, which worked well. I like to mix 2 frozen bananas, milk, cacao powder, vanilla protein powder and some green matcha tea powder for my daily smoothies, and I usually have some left over. These molds are just what I need for storing excess smoothie for a mid day protein pop for this busy mama. A nice treat is to make frozen chocolate pudding pops. Delicious!

The matching color lids screw on well and securely, we did not have any leaks. We even mixed and matched lids for a fun option. We did not notice any strange aftertaste or smells while using these. These are food grade and BPA free. These pop molds are 8 inches long and hold about 3.4 fl oz each. We have a small freezer and these did fit easily, however we wished this set had come with the pop mold tray that is available through the company. We think that the holder/stand should automatically be included with the pops with no extra cost. We were able to fit these in our freezer (we only have a top of the refrigerator freezer) but the first few times we used them, they frozen in between our freezer rack shelf / metal rods of the shelf and were stuck. We did not have any leaking, and did lay them on their sides sometimes. We made sure not to overfill them when pouring in juice or liquids. We always left about 1 inch spacing at the top to allow for the contents to expand. We found that they froze quickly within 4 or 5 hours.

As mentioned above, the company has a holder so that these can be put in before placing in the freezer. I was thinking it would come as a set, but it did not. That was a disappointment as it is another item to have to purchase separately. We did find that for pops frozen longer than a day, we had to run them under hot sink water a few seconds to loosen the pop so that it would be able to squeeze to the top to eat.

Please note that the lids need to be pushed down to seal and close, these do not screw on as they appear.

We have found that these make great snack holders for dry cereals, raisins, nuts, granola, etc. The long cylinder shape make these perfect for stowing away in a diaper bag or purse. My daughter likes eating snacks out of these are they are colorful and fun for a 3 1/2 year old to hold. They are easy to open and close.

There are many ways to use these molds, the company provides a free "50 Ice Pop Recipes" ebook with your purchase that you can download to create fun and tasty treats.

For more information on these molds, you can find them on Amazon: Sunsella Mighty Pops

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