Thursday, September 11, 2014

Easy Install's Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen Door: Reviewed

Our home is almost 100 years old. It definitely has some interesting quirks to it. I am not sure why a home would have a front and back door with no storm door or screen door on it, but ours never had screens when we purchased it. We just have a door in the front and one in the back. We live in the country so there are a lot of daddy long legs, random bugs, large scary spiders and other unwanted insects trying to invade our home. I had wanted to find a way to get a screen into at least the back door so as to help keep bugs out when we were coming inside from unloading groceries or normal use.

I was given the opportunity to review a instant screen door from the Mega Mesh / Easy Install company. When my mom saw the package of the screen on the kitchen table, she at first laughed as she said she had seen those before at one of the big box type store that carries home items. She said she was not so sure that it would be made very well and said it appeared to look like one of the infomercial type items. She opened the packaging and she was surprised at the material of this brand. She said this one seemed to have better stitching and seemed sturdier than others she had seen. She said the magnetic closure seemed even and nicely concealed. She was pleasantly impressed. I told her that this particular company seemed to have the best rating on Amazon for this type of screen.

I was excited to try it and kept wanting to put it up. The weather here had either been terribly humid at 90+ degrees, or really heavy rains this past month. Also on our back porch and door, no matter what we do, there is no less than 3 daddy long legs at a time, often as many as 5 hanging around at a time. I was not excited in putting this up by myself in the extreme heat and I hate spiders. There this screen sat, and all that time I never even thought about measuring my door to see if it would even fit. I just assumed it would. This week I was all ready to put it up, right after it had rained and was a nice gentle breeze.

I prepared the Magic Mesh by laying it flat on the floor. I washed the door frame with a damp disinfectant wipe as instructed, used a soft tape measure and measured the door, and...38 inches. :( This Mega Mesh is 36 inches. I got the screen out and tried hanging it up with just my hands and no Velcro, it was indeed 2 inches too short in width. This would not work for us at all. So I guess I will see if my mom can use it. I am happy that I had not already applied the Velcro to the screen.

Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen door is not a bad product. It appears to be sturdy and stitched evenly and the magnetic portion does seamlessly open and close when my hand goes through it. The Velcro strips are a nice idea to make this a temporary screen for a cookout with family or friends. I do not think it would be a permanent solution to have the Velcro only. I think the tacks would need to be used as well. It appears that it would secure to the door frame well if it had fit ours. It could be put up and taken down quickly. I like how they provide push pins for attachment if your prefer not to use the Velcro, or if you need it more permanent.

Unfortunately for us, this did not work. It was 2 inches to short in width. Our front door is a different measurement than the back door and also would not work for us. I would suggest that you measure your doorways before purchase so that you know ahead of time.

If you are interested in finding out more: Mega Mesh / Easy Install

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