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Ozeri 42 inch Wind Fan: Reviewed

Our home is almost 100 years old. It has never had great air flow and in the summer we get hot, even when the air conditioner is on and working. We usually like to have a fan on and blowing, both for the calming noise of it, the movement of air (seems to keep things fresh smelling as the air is moving) and for the comfort. We have had the same 2 white pedestal, simple, oscillating fans since my husband and I got out of college (10 years ago). We each had one in our apartments and when we got married, the fans did as well. They were reasonable in price, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Now we have gotten 10 years out of them, and they are still working, they just are not pretty to look at (they never were lookers even when new) and they are not safe for little toddler fingers. These have been just okay as fans, they cooled the room, but attractive they were not. They also became dusty really quickly as they were the traditional open fan head.

I had the opportunity to try out a fan from Ozeri. They are an innovative company that always seems to find a way to make simple things for your home (scales, fans, lights, etc.) better and CLEVER.) I had tested out a bathroom scale from them a few months ago and the scale changed to RED on the screen if I gained some weight, and GREEN if I lost weight---CLEVERLY designed. The products are always sleek, modern, innovative, and attractive.

The Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Oscillating Tower Wind Fan is nothing short of amazing. We have been testing this out in our living room and are impressed with the smooth flow of air, the ease of use, and the calming sound of this fan. We like how you can change the fan velocity from slow to fast. We have found that the lowest setting works well for us. The screen lights up and shows the actual temperature in the room, which is convenient so that we do not need to go over to the wall thermostat in our home to check. Often the room will be 76 when starting the fan, then within 5 minutes (or less), the room becomes a comfortable 72. I love how I can have this on in our living room, but be sitting at the table in the attached kitchen, and still feel the fan cooling. It has a programmable timer which is nice, however we have not utilized that feature much. We might eventually move this into our daughter's room at night and use the timer while she sleeps.

Here is the Ozeri Product Description for this Fan:

Noise reduction technology
3 pre-programmed airflow patterns
3 whisper quiet speed settings
LCD screen with light dimming night mode
90 degree oscillation for optimal air circulation
12 hr timer that can be programmed in 1 hr increments
Includes an enhanced range remote control that can be stored in top of fan when not in use
Easy to assemble
Includes base extension for adjustable height from 32" to 42"

Easy Set Up:

I was able to set this fan up in 10 minutes or less. I used a screw driver to tighten the screws when attaching the base extender for added height. It was super easy and I did it while my husband was at work.

Safe to Use around Children and Pets:

Our 3 1/2 year old daughter plays in the living room about 90% of her day, and although our living room is very small, she has not bumped into the fan or toppled it over. We set it out of the way near a corner of the room. It seems so much safer than our previous fan. We would never leave the previous pedestal fan in the room as the blades were easily accessible to tiny fingers through the slots. This Ozeri fan slots are close together and safe. I like how the adjustments for speed and mode are on the top of the Ozeri fan, away from her view and curious fingers. She cannot reach the top opening where the fan's remote and settings are housed. We love the remote feature, it is handy and the remote stores at the top in a little compartment. Often fans with remotes have no storage storage area, causing the remote to be misplaced. The remote compartment door clicks shut and does not appear flimsy or delicate. I like how we can use the buttons on the top part of the fan when desired.

The 42 inch height is perfect for us. I was concerned about the height and base of the fan at first. I worried that it would easily fall over with an active 3 i/2 yr. old skipping and jumping around the room. We told her once at the beginning, that this fan should only be adjusted and touched by mommy and daddy, and if she wanted it on or off, to ask us to do that. We have had no issues. I think this fan would be safe enough to have in her room at night as she is always too warm.

Height and Size:

We like the 42 inch height of this fan and have it on a low pile carpet with no issues. It has a removable extension column that adjusts the fan's height from 32" to 42". It mentions on Amazon that this is a no tool assembly, we did have to use a screw driver to tighten the screws when attaching the base. The slim physique makes this easily fit in more spaces. I think this would fit in a small dorm room or an apartment with no issues.

Attractive and Stylish:

This fan is definitely attractive to have in a main room and does not clutter the space. The dark grey and sleek design make this fan a classy addition. The LCD screen looks nice, is easy to read, and can be seen from the next room. The fan has several settings, including a night mode, outdoor/nature mode, and a regular oscillating vs. stationary mode. You can increase the speed of the fan, however, in our small kitchen/living room area, we only need it on the lowest setting. It provides excellent air circulation.

Suggestion for Improvement:

My only suggestion for this fan to be improved is for it to have a heating element. With fall and winter soon arriving, I would love to be able to have an oscillating and stationary heater in our living room for an extra does of cozy comfort while working on my laptop on the couch or watching movies as a family together.

I recommend this fan and this company. They have excellent products and their customer service is always prompt and stellar.

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This fan is available on Amazon: Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan

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