Monday, September 8, 2014

Whip Lash EyeLash Curler by Crave Naturals: Reviewed

I used to have an assortment of eyelash curlers, years ago. They were all the usual drugstore brands. They were plain metal and usually came with 1 or 2 replacement pads. The curlers weren't the greatest but they did give a little lift and seemed to make my eyes more awake in appearance. The downfall: they would pinch me quite frequently and my eyelashes also had an unnatural crimp to them. I would use a $5 eyelash curler and then replace it every few months. I really should have just bought one high end curler, for around $16-25 and been done with it. I probably spent more on all those cheap, poor quality ones, than if I just bought one nice one that did not pinch, and works as it was supposed to work. I eventually gave up and went about 5 or more years without using curlers.

I was able to try out a HOT PINK (um bonus points as pink is so my favorite color, except for the colors Tiffany minty blue and peach as they are delightful) ergonomic eyelash curler with cute, retro packaging (um, yes, my personality exactly---as I often look like I am from the 60's Mad Men era with my bouffant hair and cat eye winger liner). I decided to forgo winged liner for this review in order to see the results better.

Meet my new "Whip Lash" eyelash curler: Hello Pretty Girl.

The company is Crave Naturals and their website is so adorable. Love it. Their items are generally hot pink or a classy black. The bottle for their Argan Oil is gorgeous! I am an Argan oil lover and addict so I need to try their Argan oil soon. I raved about their Precisio Slant Tip Tweezers in my blog review a few weeks ago. See an attractive, yet super handy pair of tweezers with a bonus item of convenience Here.

The Whip Lash Eyelash Curler curled my eyelashes and made them look fluttery and sweet and there was no pinching or discomfort. I love the fact that this came with a bag of replacement PINK lash curler cushions. The handle on this curler is smooth and a soft like plastic, and it is truly ergonomic. The lock on the bottom of the handle makes it more compact to store, it is nice that the lock is attached to the handle, and not just a piece of plastic to manually clip on (I reviewed a previous eyelash curler that had a separate plastic piece to attach--which would either break easily or get lost).

This curler grabs every lash evenly, gently, and you do not have to hold it long for there to be a nice curl. The company states that Whip Lash works on any eye shape including small, narrow, large, wide, deep set, hooded eye shapes. If it doesn't work to your liking, you'll get a full refund from the company. This company is great. I have emailed them and they get back to me within 24 hrs. The company has a lifetime guarantee, which makes trying the Whip Lash risk free. If only they were around during my drugstore eyelash curler days.

Whip Lash Curler:

BEFORE curling and without mascara: (no makeup, and yes those are dark shadows under my eyes---not cute)

After curling with Whip Lash and with mascara:

For more information or to purchase this curler: Whip Lash Pink Eyelash Curler

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