Monday, September 1, 2014

Vital Oxide Disinfectant Spray: Reviewed

We love to go yard sale-ing, Good Will Shopping, and Consignment shopping. I always like to look for fun tea and coffee mugs, vintage scarves and gently loved toys for our little ones. This past week we found a Fisher Price First Doll House at Good Will for $5.75. They retail new for around $40 and the house was in excellent condition and included a few of the furniture pieces. It it is always a fun adventure to see what you'll find, however afterwards it is a must that you not only wash your hands well, but that you also wash the products and sanitize properly before they are used. Kids toys will get hands all over them and little kids, especially babies and toddlers, will touch their mouths frequently.

The doll house was adorable, but very dirty / dusty in several areas with a slight sticky feel. I wanted to wash it right away so my 3 1/2 yr old daughter could enjoy it. I decided to wash it outside in the sunshine. After washing it all with a drop of dish soap on soaked paper towels, I sprayed everything down with Vital Oxide Disinfectant Spray. (previously removed batteries from the fireplace that makes sounds). I let it air dry in the sun for an added kick of disinfecting power. The Vital Oxide is a fantastic spray cleaner and is hospital grade, yet gentle to be used for regular home use.

Vital Oxide Disinfectant disinfects and sanitizes surfaces, killing 99.999% of bacteria and other harmful microbial organisms. It also removes odors, molds and mildew on hard surfaces, carpets and fabrics. I have not tested it on mold/mildew stains on fabric---but I will very soon as I have a beautiful cotton patchwork shower curtain that despite being washed several times has about 20 or more pin dots of dark brown mold stains that will not go away (about a year ago our bathroom had some severe leaking from the roof for a few months and the ceiling was dripping whenever it rained, and so the bathroom was constantly damp and mold was sadly a big issue.) I unfortunately cannot replace the shower curtain as it is a style no longer made and so I have lived with the dots for almost a year. Vital Oxide does not damage water safe fabrics and surfaces. If this works on the mold stains, this will be a definite fixture in the house, as mold stains are the hardest for me to remove. This is approved for sanitizing counter surfaces, with no rinse required. This is what gave me the idea to use on toys, since our toddler and baby will be touching their toys and even putting their mouths on them at times. This product is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

I have used this bottle of spray disinfectant for 3 weeks in our kitchen. We like it as it has no dyes, and no fragrances. It smells clean and does not leave any residue. We clean our dining table with this and spray the stove top. We were working with garlic a week ago and this worked well on wiping the counters down as it removes odors.

For more information about this product or to purchase: Vital Oxide: Disinfectant - Deodorizer - Cleaner

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