Monday, September 8, 2014

St Croix Valley Naturals Heating Pad: Reviewed

I have had back pain most of my life. It comes and goes, but mostly comes and stays a while. I also have frequent leg cramps some knee pain. I do not take pain medicine unless I am in unbearable pain, and even then, usually it is just over the counter. I do not like applying messy, greasy, smelly muscle creams or ointments. I do not like how they burn and often are packed full of chemicals. I like using natural methods of pain relief when at all possible. I was happy to have the opportunity to review a reusable large heating pad. It is a large microwavable heating pad with removable, washable cover. The cover is a cream color and luxuriously soft. The inside is packed with pure organic flax seed. This pad is quite large, approximately 12" X 24" and can be put behind your back when sitting in a chair, or flat along the back when you lay on your stomach, or laid over your legs when you prop your legs up. It is very soothing, and provides deep penetrating moist heat that helps relieve aches and pains.

It directs you to put it in the microwave for 30 second intervals. Microwaves vary so please do start out with the 30 seconds as they recommend to stay safe and not cause burns. My heat pad was a good temperature after (5) 30 second intervals. After each 30 seconds, I open the microwave and remove the pad to move the seeds around and spread out the heat. This also checks to make sure the temperature is not getting to hot. You do not want to get burned and you do not want to scorch the pad. I like using it on my legs when they hurt me at night. I sit on our sectional couch with my legs straight out, and put the pad over my legs from the middle of my thighs to near my ankles and calves. It really does help.

It is still summer now, so I am not needing to use this for staying warm yet, but I know I will use this in the winter while watching a movie with the family. It sounds so inviting to have a nice light blanket and this under the blanket as my own little non-electric heated blanket. :)

This can also be used cold. Just put this in a bag and then put in the freezer. I am not sure I would want a large pad like this as a cold pad, it would make me uncomfortably chilly, even in summer. But if someone sprains a ankle or something, this would work in a pinch.

I like this so much. It definitely helps relieve muscle and back pain. I would have loved this to come in colors. The cream is pretty, but as much as we will be using this, I think a colored one would not get as noticeably dirty. I would have love this in a lime green organic cotton, Tiffany blue or a light pink. :) The cream color does make it look classy and spa-like.

Putting this in the microwave is tricky sometimes with it being so large, it needs to be folded in on itself a few times. We put ours on a clean plate, as sometimes our microwave is not the cleanest. Food (usually tomato sauce) seems to get splattered on the top ceiling or side of the microwave and often we have not cleaned it as well or as often as we should. (Splatters in our microwave is an almost daily thing here. I worry this pretty cream pad will look stained sooner than I want it to.) This can be hand washed, but you must remove the inside seed pack, and the drying time make take a while. (I would probably dry it in the sun outside, the natural sun rays not only would dry it easily, but would be a fantastic natural stain lifter as well.)

Great product!

For more information about this heating pad, find it on the St Croix Valley Naturals Website

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