Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shaving Kit For Men (and Women too!) Boar Brush, Stainless Steel Bowl, and Stand Review

I have been wet shaving with a safety razor, brush and natural, sulfate free soap/cream for almost a year and a half. I love it as I get a better shave and I love going back to vintage methods for a lot of things. I use a 1963 Lady Gilette Starburst safety razor and a badger hair brush. I was given the opportunity to try a boar hair shaving brush and stainless steel bowel set from Cornucopia Brands.  I had not previously tried boar, but I knew that the texture is different. Boar is a stiffer, coarser animal hair and generally cheaper in price.  It is not a bad bristle, just more scrubby. 

Since I am using this brush on my legs, I really do not mind the stiffer feel, as it gives some added exfoliation. A man's face would like it as well. This brush does whip up a nice lather. I will not say that this is the best brush I have used (it is an entry level brush) as I do prefer my long handled, vintage butterscotch bakelite (re-knotted with a 30 mm finest badger hair brush (but I did not like the price as it is a bit rare.) 

Now, that is not to say that I dislike this boar brush. I do like it a lot. It is comfortable to hold in white painted wood. It is stiff, but lathers well. I use it for exfoliation shaves and for travel. I like the bowl as it fits comfortably in the palm of my hand. 

I generally get the boar brush warm by soaking in water for 1-2 minutes, then after shaking the excess water off, I lather over my soap puck. I then transfer the foam and froth into the small stainless steel bowl (gently squeeze the soapy foam from the brush) and add some essential oil (lavender/tea tree), castor oil, rose water and argan or rosehip oil. The bowl is great for mixing and frothing and stainless steel holds the warmth.  

This set includes:

Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl
Stainless Steel Brush Stand
Wooden Handle Boar Hair Brush

The stainless steel bowl does not clutter my sink or tub area. The stainless steel brush stand stands evenly and holds the brush well. I have stored the brush and stand on the edge of my tub and have not had any rust or wear to either. The brush stand can hold two sizes of brushes, small brushes can be hung from the end of the handle, and large brushes can be hung just at the end of the hair knot. This is a much smaller knot than I am used to, but excellent for a starter brush, spare brush, or travel brush. I use it for exfoliation and am taking it with me this next week when we go on vacation. Great gift set (3 item for just under $20) on Amazon.

*I was provided this as a sample for my honest opinion. This is my personal experience.

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