Saturday, June 20, 2015

Greenwald's Citrus All purpose Cleaner Review

This is a sponsored post about Greenwalds Cleaning Spray.  My posts often contain affiliate links.  This is my honest experience and review of this product.

I was sent Greenwald's Citrus All purpose Cleaner for review.  This is not an all natural, organic cleaner.  I mention this as the majority of the products I review (and use in our house and on our skin/hair) is natural, made from botanicals and essential oils, etc.  I will tell you about the product and those of you that use regular cleaning agents (whether chemical or natural based) can learn ore about this.  We do not have many chemical based cleaners in our home.  We are pretty much addicted to Clorox disinfectant wipes and use them for most everything.  But generally we use water with various antibacterial essential oils mixed, with the occasional baking soda and vinegar.  For our cloth diapers and laundry, we use Nellies Natural Laundry Soda or Country Save Powder (both natural/sulfate free).  We do keep the blue Dawn dish soap on hand for the occasional "strip" (increase of absorbency wash) of the cloth diapers.

For really tough jobs, such as automotive cleaning, this Citrus All Purpose Cleaner would be a recommended product.  You can use this on any surface, so for those of you who use regular cleaners daily, this is a product you might enjoy.  This is a strong cleaner and can cut through grime easily.  I would have liked it to mention the actual ingredients on the bottle.

I have been using this to deep clean my daughter's potty chair on the inside bowl.  Sometimes she does not tell us that she went pee-pee, (as she mainly uses the big potty, and perhaps uses the little potty 1-2 times per week when she cannot make it in time).  This cleaner powers through the odor and the residue of 1, 2, or even 3 day old potty chair (it is a bench with a lid that stays closed when not in use, and sometimes I forget to ask her if it is empty or check it).  (I have a busy 14 month old and 4 year old at home with me 24 hrs a day and things do get crazy busy here at times).

This product does do what it says, it is tough on big messes.  I would have liked to know the ingredients.  I am not fond of the fact that these are not natural, but I do like the fact that you can make your own strength depending on how many packs (1-2) and how much water you use (could use a larger spray bottle or mix the solution in a gallon jug for a weaker solution then fill the bottles.)

To use this cleaner, and any of the Greenwald's cleaners (surface, fabric, glass, etc.) you put the small concentrated packet of chemical into the empty spray bottle, fill with warm water, and wait 1 minute. Shake the solution (after replacing the toggle lid of course) and watch as the clear water quickly changes to the color of the solution, in this case, orange.  I like how the spray nozzles always match the solution (blue for glass cleaner solution, and so on).  This has 6 packets which would be about 6 bottles (32 oz each).  This could definitely save money and storage space.

If you are interested in learning more, or purchasing this cleaner, you can find it on Amazon.

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