Friday, June 19, 2015

Greenwald's Carpet & Fabric Stain Remover Review

*The following is an advertorial review and is sponsored by the company.  I was not told what to write or how to rate the following products(s), and as always, I form my own opinion from thorough use of the product.*

If you read my blog with some regularity you will know that I am sulfate free (will she ever stop mentioning it?) and that we use organic, natural products for nearly everything. There are times when I have a stain that I just cannot remove with a natural product and so I often like to have something on hand to use as a backup. I do know that I do not like purchasing more plastic containers and storing numerous bottles of products. I was intrigued when hearing about a product that, while unfortunately very chemical based, it does save money and plastic. I heard about Greenwald's Carpet & Fabric Stain Remover and was given the opportunity to sample some of their products.  The sprays come in small chemical concentrated packets designed to make up to 6 quarts of solution.

This is a product that is a very potent chemical.  I am not a fan of chemicals in general, but for household cleaning if I have a stain that will not come out from excessive treatments and scrubbing using my natural based solutions/products, I will often need to go a more vigorous route.  I am not necessarily endorsing chemicals, as you know I am not fond of them.  I do want to note that my personal lifestyle choice of not using many chemicals does not mean this product is bad or unhelpful.

Up until almost 3 years ago, we used sulfate shampoo, aluminum based deodorants, and lots of chemical based cleaning products (my husband loved using Scrubbing Bubbles and similar bathroom scrubbing products and I agreed with him that they worked, but the fumes were terrible and getting product on hands / skin made for some unpleasant itching at times and irritation.)

The Greenwald's Carpet / Fabric Stain Remover spray does work and as seen in my video it lightened my Henna stain on my shirt considerably.  I have been using it as a laundry pretreatment for thought stains, and then immediately washing (rinsing an extra time).  I do not use this cleaner on a daily or even weekly basis.  I have used it a few times in the last month.  For the casual user who uses regular chemicals this will fit great in their daily cleaning routine.  I do worry about the bottle not listing the ingredients.  I realize the company has a special / secret formula but I just worry about ingredients as I am a mommy and always read labels.  I may recommend using protective gloves when using it.  It did not harm me the few times I used it, however, as my grandmother used to say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." (Although Benjamin Franklin said it first.  Perhaps his grandmother mentioned it to him as well?)

Here are the main aspects of the solution and how to use it:

1. It's more powerful than the average cleaner purchased and discount stores.  (So it will have some potentially stronger chemicals, but I am unsure).  It works deep to remove the toughest stains from carpet, fabric and upholstery.  (I have found that it works well with removing natural Henna/Indigo dye from my clothing, which is a tough stain to lift.)

2. It saves money because this can be purchased as a kit / refill set that contains a 6 pack of solution that you mix with water. (Saving money is great!)

3. It saves a space and shipping/packing weight. Each dissolvable refill makes a 32 ounce spray bottle and each refill set comes with 6 packs. You can store several gallons of cleaner refills, which frees up space. (We always are cluttered with bottles and cleaning supplies under all our sinks).

4. You are not purchasing a new plastic bottle (more plastic use/waste) every time you need a new bottle of cleaner. You can recycle the existing cleaner bottle.  Less Plastic and less trash. (I like this aspect).

To mix the solution, take 1-2 (depending on how strong you need the solution) packets and put the uncut packet into the empty bottle.  Fill with warm water, screw on the spray nozzle top, and let sit for one minute.  Gently shake the bottle and watch the water color change from clear to orange.

This works well and I recommend it for those who normally use chemical based cleaning products.  If you are completely chemical free and do not even let something nonnatural enter your home, you will want to pass on this.  I can tell you it works, I am not sure how often we will use it.  Most stains we get out by hanging the garment in the sunshine outside or with natural based products.  I will keep this out of reach from my little ones and keep it on hand for tougher stains that are near impossible to remove.  I have not tried this on mold/mildew stains on fabric, nor have I tried it on rust stains on fabric, so far, those are the ONLY stains I have not been able to remove with ANY chemical or natural cleaning solution.  I thankfully do not have either of those stains currently as I have had to just purchase replacement items in the past for severely stained items, but when I have a rust or mold stained item, I would love to test this on it.

This spray and the refills are available on Amazon.

This was a sponsored post.  I often have affiliate links in my posts.  This cleaner was sent to me as a sample product to review, this is my honest account of the product.

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