Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FERTILIFY Fertility Supplement Review

I just turned 33 this year and have a 4 1/2 year old and a 14 month old.  I have it set on my heart to have at least one more, if not 2 more children.  I feel younger than my age, but I know the clock is ticking.  I want to prepare my body for when we try for a third.  I know that as women age, it can get more difficult to become pregnant.  We are not in the financial freedom to do treatments if difficulty occurred, so finding other options to help boost fertility is something I am looking towards.  I was sent a product to review that is a nutritional supplement: vitamins, antioxidants, and coenzymes that boost fertility while also removing harmful free radicals.

FERTILIFY contains a variety of nutrients, including CoQ10, Vitamins C, E, D3, B12 and Folic Acid.   This is a chewable supplement that is citrus flavored and tastes surprisingly wonderful.  I am very picky about chewable vitamins, so am happy this tastes fruity without any chalkiness.  FERTILIFY complies with both U.S. and Canadian health regulatory requirements.

So does this mean you only take this if you are trying to get pregnant now? Who should take this? FERTILIFY is for women who:

Want to have children now, and would like to support their fertility to have more in the future.  This is also for those who may not have any children yet and who are actively trying.  Perhaps they already have children but are unsure if they want to expand their family, but want to support reproductive health in case they decide to have more children.  This is for those who want an all-natural way to complement their treatments if they are having fertility treatments.  Basically any woman who has tried (without success) or is trying (with or without success) or is thinking about trying to have children (wanting to prepare their body).  For any of these reasons, this would be the product to try.

I have only tried this for a month, and I am not actively trying to conceive, but would like to in the next few months.  I cannot say for certain if this will work for you, as a product such as this needs to be used diligently for months and having only tried this for one month (without actively trying to get pregnant).  I am not yet pregnant.  This has fantastic ingredients and would be a great product to try before trying prescription medical treatments.

I can however comment on the taste and ease of use.  These tasted delicious and were not chalky.  I did take these with water (chewed then drank), however would be able to take without water if I had to.  I love the fact that they are chewable as I hate swallowing pills (I already take so many supplements anyway).

This is available on Amazon: Fertilify

*I was sent this product to review, all thoughts and experiences are my own.  I cannot guarantee these will work for you.  I am not a doctor or specialist.  Please consult your doctor. :)

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