Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Duo Pigment Makeup All-Natural Cosmetic: Sugar/Love by NS Minerals Review

I wear mainly mineral makeup now as I try to use less chemicals in my skin, hair and body care.  For household cleaning I use natural based products, so it makes even more sense that I treat my body with even more concern and love as well.

I have always enjoyed eyeshadows and mineral pigments is a wonderful way to explore different shades.  I was sent a duo of shades from NS Minerals.  I selected the Sugar and Love set which is a nice basic, yet beautiful pairing of a shimmery cream shade and a neutral mauve brown.   

These minerals come in a stacking set that is convenient to carry in your makeup bag.  We took a 3 day trip last week and I decided to only bring the duo for my eyeshadows.  These worked extremely well as the container is secure in travel.  You do need to be careful that you are aware which is the top/vs the bottom when opening.  I did not have any spills or mess in my bag or counter.

I love these shades as they are easily worn with most any outfit and look natural.  I have worn the cream (Sugar) shade alone, as well as worn it with the brown shade as a shading accent.  The cream shade does learn a little towards a more yellow or champagne shade.  The brown shade can be worn alone to create a smokey eye and looks almost mauve or a pink copper shade.

These minerals provide a natural sunblock for daily SPF protection.  I do wear SPF primer moisturizer and then apply a SPF BB Cream before my minerals.

You can use various pigments for other areas of your face or even your nail polish.  Combine your desired pigment with clear nail polish to create a matching color.  I have used pink or rosy toned eyeshadows as blush and used various dark brown, grey, navy, plum purple or black eyeshadows as liner when worn with a lighter version on my lids.  You can really use any shade as a liner, you just need to wet with water.  I sometimes wet my brush before using my shadow on my lids to create a more pronounced look.  I apply my eyeshadows with a medium sized, fluffy brush.  You can use a smaller, more dense brush for a darker effect.  Please excuse my photos as the quality is not great.

As mentioned, my duo is Sugar/Love.   It is available on Amazon.  You can find this company on their Facebook page and their website.

Here is how NS Minerals Describes this Pairing:

SUGAR: The lighter tone in this delicious duo. This shimmery dream reminds us of sweet cream. Sprinkled with light stars, SUGAR is the perfect tone to top off any look or use as a highlighter. Sweep under the brow or dab on the inner corners of the eyelid to make your look pop. You can always make your look softer and sweeter by sprinkling a little SUGAR on top.

LOVE: We LOVE affirming words at NS Minerals and this tone is as warm and charming as its name. This neutral brown tone is ideal to create a perfect crease color for your everyday look. You will LOVE this medium shade that can be worn every day, with every outfit, just like its namesake.

*I was sent this DUO in Sugar/Love from NS Minerals, all opinions are my own.  I really liked this eye makeup and recommend it.  My blending was not particular nice on these days, but that is due to me being a busy stay at home mommy to an infant and 4 year old and I often rush my makeup nowadays as someone is usually calling for mommy. :) So please excuse my somewhat messy application.  The product is fantastic, my blending is not. :)

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