Saturday, June 20, 2015

Greenwald's Glass and Window Cleaner Review

This is a sponsored post about Greenwalds Glass Cleaning Spray. My posts often contain affiliate links. This is my honest experience and review of this product.

I was sent Greenwald's Glass and Window Cleaner for review. This is not an all natural, organic cleaner.  I mention this as the majority of the products I review (and use in our house and on our skin/hair) is natural, made from botanicals and essential oils, etc. I will tell you about the product and those of you that use regular cleaning agents (whether chemical or natural based) can learn more about this product to see if it is for your needs.

I have tried all 3 products from Greenwalds and I like the glass cleaner the best.  We have actually used it the most.  I have tested it on our bathroom mirrors and on the glass lid of our washing machine.  I was able to remove the soap build up from the inside and outside of the lid of our washer and it is smudge free.  The mirrors look nice as well.

This makes 6 32-oz spray bottles saving you money and storage space.  Take 1 packet and put it in the spray bottle with warm water, wait 1 minute, then shake.  Watch the clear water turn blue.  You are ready to clean.  

I like how you can make it weaker if you want to (mix it in a larger gallon size jug and then pour into the spray bottle (this would make it last longer and mainly make it seem less chemically potent, as I am not a fan of using chemicals.)  

I like this product the best of the 3.  The others I do not see myself using as much as generally we use natural cleaners.  This is not natural at all, but for glass and mirrors, I tend to use store bought regular glass cleaner as it works best for us.

This gave a nice clear clean to my glass and I recommend it.

For more information or to purchase, you can find this on Amazon.

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