Monday, June 8, 2015

Pink Tulips Magnolia Doctor Bag Review ( with Daisy Leather pouch)

I am a bag lover and switch out bags every few weeks to suit my mood, outfit, and children's needs. Children? Why is that you ask? Well being that I have a 4 year old and a 13 month old, I need a bag that will stand up to the challenge of carrying all the items I need, but I also want it to be fashionable and not appear as a diaper bag. I can proudly say I have never owned a traditional (read: ugly) diaper bag. Having a cartoon character, teddy bears, or nursery blocks on a bag do not thrill me in the least bit. I like to use a designer / designer inspired bag and tweak it to my needs. As long as the size allows for what you need to carry around, you can pretty much use any bag as a baby bag. I find a bag I like and then use zippered pouches/clutches to organize and separate items. I generally have pouch that has only mommy items (lipstick, compact, mints, etc.)

I do not put water/baby bottles or dirty diapers in my bags.  I always have a cooler bag for the water bottles and a zippered wet bag in my car for that purpose.  

I was recently introduced to a purse company called Pink Tulips.  The designer creates unique and fashionable bags to suit a variety of ladies.  All of the bags have floral names.  I was sent the Magnolia Doctor bag for review.  

This is a stunning tapestry/upholstery fabric and genuine leather bag.  The unique appearance of this bag is what drew me to it.  It is modern, yet reminiscent of vintage hollywood with its doctor bag shape.  As you will see from my pictures below, I love vintage items.  Nearly 95% of my entire scarf collection is from the 50's and 60's, and my Stratton vintage compact collection makes me super happy (I switch those out to match the bag I am carrying).  I also refill vintage lipstick tubes with my modern lipsticks.

The Pink Tulips Magnolia is super chic and I adore the bright fuchsia pink microsuede lining.  The leather is supreme in quality and luxurious.  In my opinion, a good leather needs to be sturdy, yet soft and pliable.  This is the bag ladies! 

It is spacious without being unwieldy.   It is not too heavy, even with all the items I pack in it.  Here are some specs:

  • Dimensions: 15.5"W x 9"H x 7"D
  • Leather handles have a 7" drop
  • Available in Ink Black or Ruby Red
  • Outside fabric: Tapestry
  • Outside base and trim: Leather
  • Lining: Dazzling Pink Microsuede  
  • Dimensions: 15.5"W x 9"H x 7"D
  • Dual cellphone/device pockets inside

I am in love with this purse.  I can fit 2 cloth Bum Genius Diapers (thick and take up much more space than disposables) along with 2 onesies, 1 pair of cloth training pants for my 4 year old, teething rings, wooden peacock beading toy for my toddler, a board book, cloth bib, wipes case, mommy clutch, my wallet, and much more.  Items that I usually add to my bag but that are not pictured are my sunglasses (in their clamshell case), my cell phone, my wallet, and some small factory sealed dry cereal / cracker snacks for my little ones.  I sometimes pack my nursing cover as well.  I can fit all of the pictured (and un-pictured items)  safely and securely in this bag without putting stress on the bag frame.  

I do not normally keep 2 diapers in my bags as once.  I normally carry one spare in my bag and 2-3 in the car organizer bag.  I am never too far away from our car that I cannot get another diaper if needed.  I put 2 in my bag to show you that this easily fits them and that if needed, I can (and have) bring them.

The Magnolia Diaper bag is sure to draw attention and complements.  I like adding a fashionable vintage scarf to my bags (I have many and switch the scarves out) and this bag coordinates with so many of my scarves.  I love the black leather with the tapestry.  The bag closes with a floral inspired golden rotating latch.  

The Scrabble-like letters are fun and interesting.  My bag has several words, some of which are: Silky, Peace, She, and a few others.  The tapestry material is thick and beautiful.  I love the golden hardware.  I always think black bags look best with golden hardware as it adds such a touch of luxury and class.  The metal feet on the bottom are sturdy and add a finished look to the bag.  I always prefer to have feet on my bags even though I never put my bags on the floor.  This bag has 2 slip pockets that were a bit tight for me and so I decided to put the alcohol free hand and face sanitizing wipes in the area.  

The other item that Pink Tulips sent to me was a leather tech pouch / clutch called the Daisy Pouch.  These clutches are made with the same buttery smooth, yet durable leather and perfectly accommodate a standard size tablet: 8.5"W x 5.5"H.  Inside the clutch are spaces for credit card/reward cards or even photos.  I can fit this in the bag as a pretty clutch, but often I use it outside the bag.  It is stitched well and mine has a pretty red poppy accent.

The designer is Annette Cook and I am loving her sense of fashion and love of all things unique and chic.  You can learn more about Annette and her bags by visiting her Facebook pageTwitter, and the Pink Tulips website.  I think it is super fun that you can read journal entries and blog posts from Lily, the spirit of Pink Tulips.  Lily's musings are like your best girlfriend describing product introductions.  

This is a fantastic company and I recommend you check them out.  

*I received the Magnolia Bag and Daisy Pouch for this review. This is my honest opinion, and I did not promise a positive review.  

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