Monday, June 8, 2015

Spectra Star Derma Roller Review

*I was sent this product for my honest evaluation and review.  I did not promise a positive rating.  No other compensation was provided.*

I have recently become an avid user of derma rolling.  I have been using microdermabrasion crystals, microfiber face towels, scrubs and various products to exfoliate and renew my skin.  Derma rolling used to scare me and I really never thought I would try it.  My first roller was used about 3 months ago and was 0.5 mm.  It was not the least bit painful when I tried it.  It only made my skin a bit bit and slightly warm to the touch for about 30 minutes to an hour after a session.  I was able to easily learn the correct way to roll and it became super easy that I am now able to roll while watching a television show.  

Derma rolling opens the pores of the skin, allowing for a repair response to be sent to work to begin creating collagen in the skin and also making skincare products to absorb quicker.  Derma rolling is fantastic for improving and reducing acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and various skin issues.

Since then, I have actually tried 4 brands of rollers (yes, in only 3 months time--I like what I am seeing from rolling that much).  I quickly switched to a 1.0 mm roller and feel that is the best for my skin.  I am entering my thirties and have large pores and some past acne marks.    I have clear skin generally with the occasional cystic acne along my jawline.  I have dark under eye circles from lack of normal sleep pattern, insomnia, and heredity.  

Most derma rollers I have seen online are very similar with differences in needle size and color of handle.  I was sent a review sample of a roller that looks different from other ones I have seen or tried.  

The derma roller from Spectra Star has a thicker, wider, rubber coated handle that is ergonomic to me.  It allows for a secure grip and excessive hand strength is not necessary.  The handle is shaped to fit your fingers perfectly and feels durable.  The needles are stainless steel medical grade and safe.

I have been using this roller 3 times per week and like it a lot.  The case that this one comes in is nicer than the others as it is a rectangle box shape.  The other cases are shaped a bit curved and harder to close over the roller.  This particular one does have a button on the bottom tip that is just there, without no purpose.  I asked the seller and they said that they have another roller that looks exactly like this one, but has red light skin therapy as well.

The company offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a 90 day money back. Spectra Star derma rollers are manufactured in a FDA registered facility.

You can find the roller on Amazon.

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