Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Strand Maximizer Hair Thickening Fibers Review

I have fairly thick hair, but the past year my hair has been shedding a lot due to a mixture of having a baby, being an insomniac/not sleeping much at all, and stress. My top front area shows my white scalp and I am not too fond of that aspect of my hair. I do not feel the need to take any topical chemicals, not am I comfortable doing that, so I have just tried brushing or pinning my hair a certain way to try to make it appear fuller. I have been liking my fiber mascaras for my eyelashes, and so had thought about hair fibers for my hair on my head.

I was given the opportunity to review a product from Strand Maximizer that is made of plant fibers. I selected black and decided to try it a few days. I am pleased with the results. My hair does appear to be filled in on my front area and as a bonus, this powder acts as a dry shampoo for me. :) I am sulfate free and use natural shampoo, but I also only shampoo my hair 3 times per week, so on my off days (yes, I still shower when I am not shampooing--shower caps for the win!) I sometimes need a little boost in fullness and style. These powders make my hair look better. I have tried dry shampoo powders in the past but they are usually white and it takes some effort to really massage them into my hair and sometimes I still look like Thomas Jefferson. :)

I am not losing my hair by any means, but this product is great for both men and women who have thinning or balding hair. It really does blend in perfectly with your own natural hair. You do need to be careful when shaking, as it can get on your forehead. (It is not pleasant as it makes me look like I am a coal miner).

The powder makes my hair full in volume and appear freshly washed and blow dried. It stays in my hair until I shampoo it out. I do have some fine powders on my finger tips if I scratch my head. The company makes several colors and recommends going with the darker shade if you are between 2 shades. These fibers have no smell and they do not make me irritated or itchy.

The company is confident you'll love Strand Maximizer, that they offer a money back guarantee. If you're not happy with it simply return it for a complete refund. That is always reassuring.  I do like this, however, I recommend using a makeup brush to dust it on, or cover up some of the holes (keep the sticker it comes with).  I got powder on my forehead a few times and needed to remove it.

I was sent one container of this product for my honest opinion, no other compensation was provided.


AFTER: (Yes, I DID get some on my forehead and neglected to dust it off before the picture--I DID however, fix my forehead before greeting anyone. :) )

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