Saturday, June 20, 2015

All Natural Organic Pest Repeller Spray By Eco Defense Review

We live out in the country in a nearly 100 year old home that is not sealed up very well. Now that it is the summer time, spiders, bugs, and the occasional mouse will wander through. I am terrified of mice and I am grossed out by bugs and spiders. Having 2 small children in the house, I do not want to set any traps for fear of seeing the remains of the animal, having them see it, or having a dangerous trap where either child may get to it. I also do not want poisons in the house.

I was happy to be sent for review, a spray pest repellant.  Made with 100% organic and natural ingredients, Eco Defense's Pest Repeller spray safely repels pests both inside your home and outside.  This does not contain any strong odors and leaves no residue.  I do want to mention that this has 75% castor oil, so it can be a touch oily so keep that in mind---you would not want want to spray it near curtains or near a couch, etc.

Lately I had been hearing a scratching noise in my front room/living room.  For weeks I thought it was a mouse.  That is the room my children (age 4 1/2 and 14 months) play in 95% of the day, every day.  I was very concerned.  One day I was looking out the front door glass (our living room and front entry is connected in one room) and it was raining pretty hard.  I had also heard that sound again and thought it sounded extremely loud and I could actually hear chewing.  As I was peering out the glass window part of our wood door, I saw a squirrel right up against our door stoop (like an inch from the base of the door outside) and it was CHEWING on our wooden strip that is attached to the entry.  I had seen that for weeks it had been looking pretty worn away, but like the rest of the house that is falling apart in some areas, I just thought the wood wear was age.  Nope! It seems that scratching / chewing was a squirrel chewing on the soft, wet wood.  I stood there in disbelief for about 10 minutes watching it, and then with the door closed, pounded on the wood door hard several times until he scurried off.  I looked it up on the internet and apparently sometimes squirrels like to file their teeth or  chew on wood.  I was very mad.

I immediately got out the Eco Defense spray and sprayed the entire base of the door and around the area.  Luckily the porch is covered so the rain did not wash away the spray.  This is formulated to repel rats, rabbits, deer, moles, squirrels, raccoon's, and many other type of animals that may be causing problems to your home and property.  I think i may try it in the yard as well since we have been having moles (I am guessing) tunneling our front yard since we moved here 4 years ago.

I love that this can be used both indoors and outdoors.  I have sprayed in our wooden cupboards (that seem to occasionally have tiny mouse droppings despite the fact that I do not see any holes) and along the doors and door entries.  You can also use this for attics, basements, or anywhere pests may be invading your home.  I like how it can be diluted to last twice as long or sprayed directly in problem areas containing heavy infestations.  I have not tried diluting since we live in the country and I am pretty much scared of the pests we have.

This can even be sprayed directly on vegetation without harming your plants or your body.  (I have not tried this, but it may be a good idea since last year we had Japanese beetles chomping (huge holes) into our rose petal leaves.

I really love this product and how natural it is.  The squirrel has NOT returned since spraying the doorway area ONCE, 2 weeks ago.  Fantastic.  I will probably spray that area continually about once or twice a month since that would also help repel the spiders and occasional mice.

You can find this on Amazon.

*I was sent one bottle of Eco Defense for my honest opinion and review. This is my personal experience.


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