Thursday, June 18, 2015

LEABAGS Springfield Mens Leather (Buffalo) Billfold Review

I have another leather wallet to review today and it is from LEABAGS.  This is the Springfield Billfold for the men in your life (or my men readers, hello fellas!)  This is a well made, yet easy on the pocketbook (price), genuine leather wallet.  I reviewed (here) the women's wallet: Charlotte Clutch last month from LEABAGS and was impressed.  Both wallets are made with 100% Buffalo leather.

I will speak briefly about this wallet and then you can view my husband's video of his LEABAGS Springfield Billfold. :)

This is another beautiful leather item from this company.  This is 100% Buffalo leather (my husband referred to it as a "matte raw suede finish"--he realizes this is NOT suede but he is referring to how he describes the feel / finish / texture of this leather.  This is a soft to the touch, velvety buffalo leather that is genuine and durable.)

It is a nice medium brown color and he loves how rugged and handsome this wallet is.  He and I agree that it will wear well and "age well" with a nice patina.  He likes the inner olive green lining and feels it looks masculine and classy.  He likes how it has a flap for putting his license in so he can easily show it when his ID is needed.  It is also nice to have the picture view part a bit shaded to give some privacy in case he is showing his ID and does not particularly want the people nearby to see his ID.

He likes the double storage for bills and receipts or 2 forms of currency.  He used to travel to Canada frequently with his job and this would allow to keep US bills on one side and Canadian on the other.  The other space could also be where he keeps various receipts for mileage and food reimbursement, etc.  There is a lot of storage options in this wallet.

He loves everything about it but is not so fond of the snap area for coins.  He carries his wallet in his back pocket and when he sits, does not want to sit on a bulky wallet with coins.  He is also worried that over time the coins will shape the leather or wear it out in that area.

Overall, he has found this to be a fantastic wallet, and feels it is exceptional for the price.  He recommends it.

*He received this wallet from LEABAG complimentary for an honest evaluation and review.

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