Tuesday, June 9, 2015

100% Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin - Soft Pink (or as I refer to it, Vintage Hollywood Pink) Review

What kind of sheets and pillow cases do you use? Do you have a preference? My family always grew up on 100% cotton which is cool and comfortable, however when I learned years ago how it is best to use a slick material so as to prevent fine lines and crease in your face, I have been using stretchy spandex type case that we got when we purchased our Homemedics Micropedic pillows several years ago.

About 6 months ago I fell in love with the Sleep Number bed Contour pillow and had been using the cotton cover it came with as I really did not know what to put on it.  I had wanted a smooth pillow cover and was happy to have the opportunity to review a silk one several months later from Celestial Silk.  I was sent this cover in Soft Pink (gorgeous color and the perfect pink in my opinion).

It is made of 100% Mulberry Silk and so luxurious and makes you feel like a movie star.  It is kinder to your fave and silk has natural anti-aging properties due to the slip and softness it provides.  It keeps skin moisturized, hair smooth, and tangle free.  This case is supremely well made and crafted with a charmeuse weave.  I like how there is no zipper to scratch my face or snag the silk.  There is a
envelope enclosure that keeps the pillowcase snugly in place.  When it arrived, it was gift boxed with tissue paper.  It definitely made for a nice experience.  I love this cover on my special pillow.  It makes it even softer than it already was prior.  There were no chemical odors and the stitching is precise and neat.  I recommend this cover.

*This cover was sent to me for review from Celestial Silk, no other compensation was provided.  I did not promise a positive review.

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  1. Nice post. Among the many wonderful properties of silk, one most important thing is that pure silk pillow cases have no chemicals. Therefore your hair will be healthier and happier when you sleep on a silk pillowcase.