Sunday, June 7, 2015

Amber Glass Spray Bottle by Emmi's Essentials Review

I love my Amber Glass Spray Bottle that was sent to me for review recently. It is from Emmi's Essentials and is a multi-use bottle. I have had the cheap plastic translucent bottles in the past and they knock over easily and they let light into them which can potentially alter the effectiveness of whatever is stored inside the bottle.  I have always loved how my vast assortment of essential oils are contained in amber colored glass bottles as it blocks the light and the glass make for a nicer appearance.  When my 16 oz glass amber bottle arrived I knew exactly what I wanted it to hold.  Sure, I would have liked 3 or 4 of them, for immediate use, but this one was going to hold my 70% rubbing alcohol that I spray and disinfect my derma rollers.  I soak my roller in alcohol for about 10 minutes prior to use, but after using it I spray it heavily on the roller and in the case, shake it off then allow it to dry before closing the case.

Emmi's refillable container kit includes a pipette and decorative label.  I have yet to put the label on the bottle.  This is a sturdy bottle and a nice size.  It is not too heavy and holds plenty of liquid. It has an adjustable, ergonomic, non-slip trigger and the entire set is well designed.  There is a strainer included at the bottom of the tube to prevent clogging.

If I had more of these bottles, (and I may decide to get some) I would mix my diy sanitizing sprays and cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom, and my daughter's potty chair.  You could also use this to make a tub and shower cleaner, or air freshener.  Luckily the sanitizing spray, surface cleaner, and bug repellant spray are all the same mixture.  I like to use a mix of water, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus with a few drops of vinegar.  This is a workhorse of a cleaner and deters bugs.  When I make air freshener, it is usually a water base with lemon and lavender oil or an lemon and orange oil with water.  I like lemon peppermint together as well.

I like the amber glass bottle and how classy it looks, while also keeping the contents secure and fresh.     I recommend it over the plastic ones that often leak at the handle or clog up.  It costs more, but will last longer.

*I was sent this for my honest opinion and recommend it.

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