Monday, June 8, 2015

Nature's Bond Premium Electric Double Breast Pump Review

I am nursing my second child and am no stranger to various breast pumps.  I must admit, I am not the most dedicated pumper, but I like having a pump (or 3) on hand in case.  My baby and I both prefer au naturale, but as he is not eating some table foods I like to have milk for mixing in cereals and such.  

I was sent a great pump from Nature's Bond for review.  At first glance, this is definitely an attractive pump.  I like how simple, yet beautiful it is.  The white with apple green is nice.  The storage bag is a little on the flimsy and unattractive side, but then again I mainly use my electric pumps at home, and would mainly only bring my manual Avent if I needed to take it with me.  I like how this has a small cooler that doubles as a padded protective case for the pump when not transporting milk.  I like that the pump has a handle space for ease of carrying.  I love the battery option.

Here are the included items:

(1) Pump
(1) AC Power Adapter
(1) Carrying Bag
(1) Cooler Bag
(4) Bottles
(2) Tubes with Connection Valves
(4) Caps
(2) 80mm Breast Shields, attached to pump
(2) 74mm Breast Shields
(6) Batteries

Nature’s Bond Breast Pump is manufactured for Devon Medical Products.

I had not heard of Devon Medical previously, but they are apparently a well known medical device company. The pump is small and lightweight and would be easy to transport for those who are working mommies or those who are going to be traveling. I like how this electric breast pump has a battery powered option, as that is what works best for me at home.  I find it most comfortable to pump on the couch while watching a television program and do not like having a cord to deal with.  This would make it a great option for those who pump at work or somewhere that does not have access to an outlet.

This pump provides the user the choice of single or double pump options. I personally always do the double pump and have a special pumping bra that allows me to be hand free. :) The pump has an "airlock" closed design which helps protect from bacteria, mold, and viruses while pumping. I do have water droplets in my pumping tubes in my video, but that is from me washing it out as a precaution. I also want to mention that in my video my bottles are not soiled or dirty, they were washed and steamed (microwave steamer from Avent) immediately prior to my video and still slightly steamed with wet water droplets.  I generally have to film my videos fast as I always seem to have interruptions with a 4 year old and 13 month old. :)  Also a reason most of my videos are done the graveyard shift and super quiet.  (monotone?) :) Baby does wake several time to feed at night so I still do need to rush even when filming way past midnight  (who am I kidding, my videos are done at like 2 am, lol).

In the pictures below you will see the Avent steamer used for cleaning, purchased by me for my pump sterilization.  It is a wondrous device.

I like this pump for the most part.  I would not say it is better than Medela Pump in Style Advanced, but then again, that pump is much more expensive.  I like the portability and appearance of this Nature's Bond pump and find it does accomplish what it needs to accomplish.  It is not painful and it is not difficult to use.  It is rather noisy but most electric pumps are.  The carry bag is lightweight and I am happy it was included, however my favorite pump bag is from my Avent ISIS Duo as the bag is actually classy enough to use as a carry on bag or weekender (the particular one I have---currently it is discontinued).

I like the Nature's Bond pump, however would recommend flanges that can be separated so that I do not have to put the medium into the larger size when using.  I would have liked to have the small or medium be able to be used on their own without having to fit them into the larger one.  I also think the green lids (gorgeous color--and it is a nice change to not see boring white lids) are difficult to separate (as mentioned in the video).  I do love the size and shape of the plastic bottles.

*This was sent to me for review, all opinions expressed are my own.  I only received the pump for my review.  I did not promise a positive rating, however would rate this as a nice option.

For more information, visit Nature's Bond on their website and on Facebook.


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  2. I'm looking into this pump as an option for a second child, I like the fact that it has a stimulation mode and an express mode, as well as the fact that it can run on battery or can be plugged in. My biggest question is whether the pump keeps the milk out of the tubing and if the pump air mixes with the milk. Also, does the pump have multiple strengths of pumping actions or just the two modes? It would be great if you can reply, since I haven't found any other reviews and the company literature doesn't answer these questions.

  3. I use this pump and milk can get in the tubing. I recently had the company send another because it's a closed system and it started growing mold inside even after I had cleaned it. It has an option to increase suction on stimulation and expression modes. It's a great little pump other than the mold thing and the company is very good at replacing whatever goes wrong.

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