Monday, June 8, 2015

Swiss-Ultimate Labs Massager 3 (blue) Review

I have now tried all 3 of the Swiss-Ultimate Labs eye and face massagers.   They all are similar but each have their own pluses and minuses.  First off, a review of what they do: use negative-ion, micro-electric pulses & ultrasonic therapy to gently stimulate blood circulation, and infuse treatments through delicate massage.  It is recommended to use the wand about 30 seconds around each eye 1-2 times per day to stimulate collagen and elastic in the skin and lightly tap the product into the skin for faster absorption and more precise application.  

My last wand to review is blue and slightly smaller than the pink in length but thicker in size.  The tip of the wand is smooth like the others and the touch still resembles the pad of a fingertip when lightly used around my eye area.  The same  recommended patterns for the eye area are used.  I would say that the tip is almost identical to the pink wand in width but thicker, this one also has a nice protecting cap to keep it more sterile.  

I like the pink color better, but the size and cap on the blue is nice.  However, again, the long slim white one is the most comfortable to use as the tip is curved and more fingertip like.  No matter which one I use, I apply my Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid over my entire face and then use the Swiss Ultimate Labs Serum on my under eye area, lids, between my brows, and on my forehead.  

I like the serum/cream a lot.  It is a slightly yellow shade and has a light scent.  It is not heavy or greasy.  I do prefer as natural ingredients as possible so after I use up the cream I may use my own products.  It does seem to work well and my skin feels nice afterwards and after a few weeks of use my eye area has looked a bit brighter.  I like the organic seaweed extract base, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil.  I always use Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid each day.  

I recommend the Swiss Ultimate Labs Massagers, they all work the same, it is a matter of preference which you select.  

*I was sent this blue mini massager and serum from Swiss Ultimate, all thoughts are my own and honest.

This is available on Amazon if you would like to purchase it or learn more.

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