Friday, April 3, 2015

Toogli Baby Teething Necklace 100% Food Grade Silicone Review

My little fella has been teething like crazy these last few months and so I have welcomed any item that pertains to teething and natural pain relief.  I was recently sent another type of teething necklace from Toogli.  I have reviewed their Baltic Amber Teething necklace in Cognac recently and liked it a lot.

This is a pendent style necklace with 100% Organic Food Grade Silicone.  Since baby is putting things in his mouth more frequently now (especially his fingers) this provides natural teething pain relief and swollen gums. I selected the pearl white, which has a swirled appearance.  The teether necklace closes with 2 clasps that can easily break away when needed.  I was happy to see that they include a set of replacement necklace clasps just in case.

Toogli has a few different necklace colors available.  At the time I was sent this necklace, they had a teal and white.  They have now added a smokey black color.  

When my baby nurses, he likes to fiddle.  I often get my nose grabbed and my mouth pried open.  (He loves to play with my mouth).  This is a way to keep him busy and calm while nursing and redirects his attention from pulling my hair or at my face.  It also is a way to be able to have some sort of jewelry on without being worried that it will break.  

I like how this is easy to wash, I just rinse it at the sink or wipe with a sanitizing wipe.  I have heard of some mommy putting theirs in the dishwasher but I have not personally tried that.   I like this necklace and find that it holds his attention when he gets fussy at the grocery store as well.  I unclasp the ends to make it safer and give him the necklace to hold and play with while he is in the cart or stroller.  If he is in the baby carrier being worn, I wear this at my neck and he holds it.  

*Necklace sent for review, all opinions are my own.  

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