Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fittsmile Flexible Tripod Review

How many times have you been somewhere and you do not have a camera, but you have your trusty smart phone? (If you are like me, it is pretty much 97% of the time). You want to get the best shot possible for a still picture and you need someone to hold the camera, or you need to take a video and you do not want a shaky hand. You need to use a selfie stick/monopod arm or----even better, you need a tripod that is small enough to stow in your glove compartment of your car or in your bag, and one that grips to most any pole, tree branch, chair, etc.  By having a gripping tripod, you can take much more interesting videos and pictures. Think of the possibilities of angles and locations! Using the timer feature on your smart phone, along with positioning your tripod in the perfect spot, you can have a hands free video. I was sent a flexible tripod that can attach to a towel bar (think: beauty reviews / makeup application tutorials), a door knob, pole, lamp base/stem, chair leg, etc. It is the most used of all my cell phone selfie sticks and cell phone tripods.

The Fittsmile Flexible Tripod  is a compact sized tripod for your cell phone that can wrap around many types of objects for a better experience in video taking and selfies.  I have used mine several times a week for the past month. This can also wrap around the headrest of your car for those in the back to watch videos on the cell phone handsfree (kids and long car trips). There are many uses for this little gadget. See my video review below for further details.

The tripod has held up for a month of frequent use.  I have had a leg pop off a few times and am able to pop in back with a little bit of force.  The Fittsmile grips well and has been tested on various objects.  I have used this on towel bars in my bathroom, lamp stems/bases, my refrigerator handle, door knobs, and chair arms.  I really like this and find it suits my needs.  The price for the Fittsmile Flexible Tripod is pretty reasonable on Amazon.

*I received this for review from the company, this is my honest opinion of the product.

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