Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pembrook Fleece Shawl Wrap Pink Review

We live in a nearly 100 year old home, drafty and has zero insulation on the second floor. There is only thin insulation in parts of the first floor. Our electric heating bills are $250-350 per month in the winter--ridiculous especially for a 1700 square foot home (with only really using the first floor). It is always cold in the winter despite having the home heat on 72. I am always cold but we cannot crank up the heat.

I saw this fleece wrap from Pembrook, and was offered to review it for my honest opinion. I was sent this for review, and I selected Rose pink. The color in stock photos represents the color perfectly. When it arrived I do admit I was a bit surprised at the actually shawl, it is more of a wide shawl scarf and does not have cropped sleeves, which for some reason I was hoping and expecting. I think I was expecting a type of shawl cardigan that wraps around.

There is a silvery scroll embroidered detail on the pockets, which reminds me of something popular for a different age group, not a negative aspect, just not my taste right now.  I would have preferred this to be plain without the decoration, so it could match with more things, and the scrolling is not my style.  I do like the fringe on it as it seems to make it more of a fashionable piece of clothing and feminine.

The fleece shawl material is soft, however it is exactly like my pink Snuggie. :) I do love my Snuggie, and was hoping this would be similar to it in function (sleeves) but a cropped, fashionable version suitable for going to the mailbox on a cold day or a trip to the store.  Having sleeve would make it much more usable for me as it would stay on better.  I feel I am having to smooth it out before I put it on, and smooth it out several times while wearing it.  I usually did end up wrapping it around me like a small blanket.

The fleece material may likely pill after several uses and I am not sure how well it will wash up.  It does say that it is machine washable, however since I have only needed it a few evenings at home, I have not needed to wash it yet.  It does attract lint easily, which is unfortunate.

I only plan to wear this at home, and it has served me well for nights when it is cold enough for a wrap, but when I do not need a full body blanket/Snuggie.  It has pockets, but I have not needed to use those for anything and the positioning of the pockets are not useful for me personally, however I know other people may benefit from them.  The pockets sit more up front, and i would prefer them to be more on the side, at an angle and have this be more of a cardigan shawl.

It is not something I would wear out somewhere due to the scrolling detail, however I will wear it at home, to get the mail, do emails, or sit on the porch.  I wear it as a wrap but do not use the collar.  I wrap around my shoulders and use it when I am watching a movie on the couch or up late writing/typing. Please excuse my messy hair and tired eyes, as with most of my review pictures, this was taken around 2 am. (when Mommy has time for blogging, emails, and reviews) :)

It is comfortable to wear and suits me for cold winter nights. It is starting spring weather here, so I do not expect I will need this much in the coming weeks, however I think it may need to be kept on hand for cool evenings.

You can find this on Amazon. *Shawl sent for review.

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