Friday, April 24, 2015

Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins - 5000 Mcg by Superior Nutrient Review

I have been having my husband take vitamins for his hair as it has been getting thinner in the back due to a mixture of stress, poor nutrition, and male pattern baldness. I am hoping to help strengthen his hair and treat his scalp. I was sent a bottle of Biotin for him to try from Superior Nutrient.

The Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins are 5000 Mcg and are said to be beneficial for both men & women. I had taken Biotin many years ago when I had a major hair disaster. I had a friend do a perm on my dyed hair and the perm did not take well, so we left it in much longer than we should. When the curlers were taken out, my hair felt like a swollen noodle. It was the most frightening thing, my hair came out in parts, and the hair that remained was sponge like. I had to cut my shoulder length hair to about 2 inches all over. I was so traumatized and refused to go to class the next day (college). I bought a human hair wig and wore it for about 3 months. Every day I took a high does of Biotin and washed my damaged hair in a horse hair shampoo. (back then I did use sulfates). My hair was healthy and grew very fast in those short months. I was able to not wear the wig, and had a short but cute hairstyle with hair that was actively growing. I can definitely sing the praises of Biotin.

My husband has been taking this brand for a month and although he still has thinning hair, he and I agree that it is shedding less. He continues to take Biotin as well as some essential oil and natural ingredient based hair drops for his scalp. He can take 1 pill per day, however he actually takes 2 due to the need for extra. He has not had any stomach irritation and there is no strange aftertaste. These seem to work as well as other brands we both have tried. We like that there are absolutely No fillers or artificial ingredients.

*I was sent one bottle for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

You can find this product on Amazon: Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins

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