Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Orchid Origami Paper; Folding Sheets Review

Do you do Origami? Have you tried it? You probably are going to be great at it. Me, not so much. I was sent a 500 pack of Orchid Origami Paper and after watching numerous Youtube videos, and wasting about 10 sheets of pretty paper, I just could not get the folds right.  I am not a quitter or impatient, I just am not skilled at doing the art of paper folding.  I have a 4 year degree, and 32 years of life under my belt but cannot do even simple paper folding techniques.  The paper quality, is amazing though.  The colors are bright and the paper folds evenly.  Here are the dimensions:

15cm x 15cm and 80 GSM of thickness

In the pack of 500, there are 10 vibrant colors, and 50 of each color.  Since I hate paper waste, I decided to make excellent use of the paper and it is not in my planner decoration and note taking collection.  I recently got a Filofax and have been making a few collages as divider backgrounds.

These make for perfect backgrounds for photos, stickers, and washi tape borders.   These are also nice for cutting and making greeting cards.  Construction paper is nice for my 4 year old, but I like grown up paper with color, this is just what I need.

Since my skills and paper folding were quite embarrassing, here are some stock photos of other beautiful origami creations.   I tried to make the simple 5 pointed star from the directions in the package, but did not get very far.  So I decided to stop wasting this lovely paper and put it to use in my planner.  This paper would be excellent for scrapbooking and collage making.  The colors are nice and the quality of the paper is superb.  I recommend this for skilled origami artists, and those of us that aren't. :) Orchid Origami Paper is available on Amazon.

*Sample sent from Orchid Paper / Gaia Organics.

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