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Dream Dots Acne Gel Treatment Cover Patches Review

I have never had severe acne, however I do have a problem with cystic acne spots every so often.  When I get 1 or 2 (in a month) they are on either side of my jaw or I will get a hard sore spot on my forehead.  As gross as it is to mention to you, these rarely have, shall we say, the typical yuckies pimples have.  In a way, sometimes I wish they would eventually come to a head to release the pressure, but they generally feel very sore, look large and ugly, and have no relief in sight until they just go away on their own several days later.  They bug me and are incredibly red and sore.  I do not attempt to pick at them as I know that will only make them more red and potentially spread, and it is no use, as it does not relieve the pressure.  But when I do have them, I am constantly aware of them.

I was sent a product that at first I was not so sure about.  I was sent a box of 24 dots that are intended to be put of the acne spot and heal it.  The brand I was sent are Dream Dots for Spots  and they are currently available on Amazon.

Dream Dots acne gel treatment cover patches that can be used overnight (or during the day for me as they are my skin color) using no harsh ingredients, yet give dramatically effective results.  I waited almost 2 weeks before I needed them, and then I got a red cystic acne spot on my upper area of my cheek.  I was concerned as in just a few days later I would be seeing friends and family I had not seen in almost a year to celebrate my 1 year old's birthday.  I figured with only a 3 weekend before the day, that was the time to definitely try these.  My sore spot was ugly and I was happy to cover it with the dot.  I was impressed with how decently the dot blends into skin.  Looking in the mirror, I almost considered wearing one during the party if I absolutely had to.  Almost. :)

The tenderness was reduced within a few minutes.  I read that this is because the nerve endings are cushioned and protected in this moist condition dot.  I do not really understand how it works, but it does.  I would have liked to know exactly what this dot or medicine(??) consists of, as I try to use as natural of products as possible.  The company says that these are drug free, latex free, breathable, healing and are natural.  

The dot swells and turns white overnight as it absorbs pus (my cystic spots do not get this as I mentioned they stay hard and sore with a tense pressure) and oil, this visibly indicates that it is working.  I kept the first patch on overnight, and through my shower that day---it totally stayed on in the shower.  I removed it that afternoon and the redness and inflammation was reduced.  The next evening I wore a fresh dot and kept it on until I showered the next day (and decided to not wear it in the shower as I wanted to oil cleanse my face and air the blemish out.  I was excited to see that it appeared to be almost gone.  It took 2 days for me.  My spot might have needed a third day if it was larger, but I was happy it was only 2 days (with a day to spare before the party).

Dream Dots:

100% waterproof, breathable, satin-smooth, wafer-thin surface, it acts as a second skin, conforming to any contour of the face acting as a protective cover and stopping the urge to bother your skin or touch the blemish.

Heals, Relieves, Protects.  Drug-Free, non-drying, Vegan, Latex-free, Cruelty-free, Suitable for all skin types, and provide natural healing.

I love these.  I think 24 of these are enough to last me a while.  I recommend them.  I had not tried this type of product previously, as I did not know it existed.  I have now seen other brands available and some are cheaper.  However, this is the brand I have tried and it works for me.  

Learn more on their website, or follow them on Facebook.

*I was sent 1 pack of 24 to review, and this is my honest opinion and results.

Please excuse my large pores.  I normally do not do pictures this CLOSE. :)

This is the next day, after wearing the same one  in my shower and then removing.  No makeup, only mascara.

This is the same day, I am just showing that the other spot is a mole, uh beauty mark. :)

This is after the second night, with a fresh one applied the night before, and removed before my shower.

This is the third night, right before the day of the party.  Beauty mark still there, but spot is not!  Bare faced, there is the slightest hint of the spot.  Pretty impressive.

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