Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace by KG Baby Review

As you know, I love Baltic Amber for my 2 little ones and for myself.  I think it is pretty, and functional.  I had the opportunity to review another brand, and this one is a polished bean shaped, multicolor amber.  Baltic amber is intended to be worn against the skin so that when the warmth of the body warms the amber, it activates the Succinct Acid in the necklace, which assists with pain management.

It needs to be worn consistently and directly against the skin, nearest the site of pain, in order to work properly.  If you are an adult with migraines, or a teething baby, then around the neck is best.  If you are an adult or student that is constantly typing for long periods on the computer or hand writing, you may benefit from wearing baltic amber around your wrist if you have discomfort or Carpal Tunnel.

The necklace from KG baby is very pretty and I love the smooth bean shape.  I tested it on my 1 year old and it looks great on him, however is very loose and  I would have preferred to be able to select a smaller length.  This necklace is listed at 12 inches, it seems closer to 13 inches, however, my 1 year old son really needs 10.5 inches or 11 inches at the longest.  A Baltic Amber teething necklace should not be too loose, because then the baby could pull on it and bring it to his/her mouth and chew.  These should never be chewed on as they are for teething discomfort and not for putting in the mouth.  I did receive a turquoise silicone teething necklace that is intended for mommy to wear while baby is nursing to being held.  Baby can teethe / chew on this necklace as long as he/she is supervised.  This necklace comes in handy as when I nurse my son she likes to pinch my nose or play with my long hair and this keeps him occupied and concentrating when nursing.

The amber necklace is very pretty and would be perfect for a girl or boy.  It might look slightly better on a boy in my opinion.  I was not able to keep in on my 1 year old's neck, as it was too loose, but I did wrap it a few times around his ankle and put a sleeper on him at night for the month of testing.  I personally prefer unpolished / raw amber as I feel it works a bit better, however this necklace does work and I feel he drools less and sleeps better.  I would have liked this to have been 11 inches exactly instead of almost 13 inches.

My 4 year old is wearing the necklace on her ankle as it is long on her neck, but still looks nice on both areas.  She already has her own Baltic Amber necklaces in raw, unpolished amber with turquoise beads.  Her necklaces are 12 inches and seem a good length on her, notice that her necklaces seem shorter than this one that is advertised as 12 inches.  The multicolor one is closer to 13 inches.  This is a fine length for an older child, but may be problematic for a young baby who is inclined to reach for the necklace and chew on it.

Beautiful necklace, but longer than desired for my teething 1 year old.  *I was sent this necklace and the silicone necklace for a review.  All thoughts are my own.

I do want to mention that the current price of just under $15 is excellent for the set of teething silicone necklace and baltic amber. I have purchased many baltic amber necklaces for around $20-25 and they did not come with a bonus silicone teether. I recommend trying this out if you are looking for something for your older toddler (who perhaps needs amber for mild pain relief for other issues or just for improved mood).

This is available on Amazon: Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

The KG Baby multicolor necklace is pretty and looks great on both my 4 year old daughter and my 1 year old son.  I was hoping my 1 year old could wear it as he is teething, but this necklace is closer to 13 inches and is too large for him.  My 4 year old can wear it, but she wears it currently on her ankles and it is perfect for her.  It looks great with her sandals.  
This is my 4 year old with her 12 inch necklace, these appear the correct length for her.  My 1 year old really needs a 10.5 or 11 inch necklace (which he has).  

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