Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bella Eleganze Tweezer Review

What is one beauty tool that you cannot live without? Is is a comb, flat iron, brush, hot rollers, hair dryer, eyelash curler? For me it is tweezers. I always need them. I buy them like lip balm, I never have too many. I have probably 30 tweezers. Somewhere. I think I can only find 3 tweezers (maybe that many).

I always need them and am putting them in the craziest of places. I like to keep one pair in the car, in the bathroom cabinet, my beauty bag, and wherever else I am at the moment. Tweezers can be used for so many things whether it be for nicely groomed brows, a little hair or 2 left behind on your leg after shaving (found when you are in the car going to an event or out somewhere---having a spare really comes in handy) I usually put one in my pocket last minute before a car trip as I often forget if I had put one in my bag.

I am always looking for a great tweezer. I was sent Tweezers from Bella Eleganze on Amazon. This tweezer is precise, sharp, and comes in a sturdy tube. (genius) I love the clear gummy protector cap for the tip as well. I think that having this in a case will help me keep track of it as it will be my dedicated purse one. Having it in the tube keeps the tweezer clean, protected, and easier to store. I am not poking my leather bag or wallet, or my hand when rummaging through my bag. I like how these are a matte coated, making them smooth, comfortable to hold, and slightly grippy. I also think the black with gold printing is classy. It is nice to have a beauty tool that looks attractive on your vanity.

I have used these for my brows and have also used these for the tiny peach fuzzies on my face. Makeup application is smoother when you do not have fuzzies. As women, most all of us have the tiny blond fuzz that is not noticeable from far away, but up close can be seen in sunlight or can make our makeup not look as nice. This tweezer is perfect for this.

Bella Eleganze has a few other items in their beauty line.  I have tried their detangling brush and will be trying their fiber lash mascara, which is made from green tea fibers and is similar to another brand you may have heard of.  Keep posted for my review of the mascara.

I have used the Bella Eleganze tweezer several times and it still works wonderfully. I recommend this brand if you are looking for a nice tweezer at a reasonable price. It is crazy how some brands are $25-50 for tweezers.

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*I was sent this to review, this is my honest opinion of it.

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