Monday, April 13, 2015

Dr. Kay's Shower and Bath Bench Review

I like to sit down while shaving my legs in the shower.  I used to prop myself up with a leg on the wall or tiny ledge and shave both legs while having a uncomfortable time.  When I became pregnant with my first child 5 years ago I purchased a shower chair to assist with showering when I was as y largest during those last few weeks.  I still have the chair and use it several times a week, but it is very wide and gets in the way.  It ends up storing a lot of needed shampoo bottles and shower gear.

I was excited to try a smaller chair from the Dr. Kay's company on Amazon.  This is an adjustable chair from 12.5" to 16.5" and it requires no tools to adjust the seat to your desired height.  I like that the seat is curved and has drain holes.  There are convenient  handles on the side which make it easy to move the bench if when needed.

When unpacking the seat, I noticed it came with easy to follow pictured instructions, and a few washers and screws/bolts.  I also noticed the tips of the legs were flared and at first I was worried that mine had been smashed or bent, but this is to helps prevent it from tipping over.  I did not need to look at the instructions much and I actually put this together at 2 am, right outside the room our infant was sleeping.  No one heard me and this was put together in 10 minutes.  I would have done it sooner, but it took longer due to me stopping to photograph some of the steps.

I am fairly tall so I put this on the tallest setting and find it comfortable.  To adjust height, slide the legs up or down, then push in the pins.  The 2 long curved legs are numbered 1 and 2, and the 4 attachment legs each have a number.  I put this together face down on the kitchen table with a pillow under the seat and the legs facing towards me, upwards.  I was impressed at how easy and quick it was.

The frame is made of anodized aluminum that resists corrosion.  It is a sturdy material, looks nice, and is lightweight when moving the entire bench.  Weighing only 4 pounds, this bench is stronger than it looks and can safely hold a person weighing up to 250 lbs.  This is comfortable to sit on while shaving my legs and is much better suited to my tiny tub and bathroom.  My other shower chair has a back, and this one is a bench (no back).  I liked having the back, but that one was huge and I always store it in my shower.  Whenever my 4 year old needs to take a bathe, the chair goes right in front of the toilet (the only safe for it).  This is smaller and suits my bathroom.  I have not had any issues as of yet.

*I was sent this shower bench for review.  This was my honest opinion.

This is available to purchase on Amazon: Dr Kay's Shower and Bath Bench

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