Monday, April 27, 2015

Island's Miracle Ultra Omega-3 Fish Oil Review

I make sure to always take my Omega 3 vitamins.  I have been taking some sort of Omega vitamin (either plant based or fish based) for almost 10 years.  I do not mind taking a fish based one as long as I know that it is safe, certified, USA made, and does not have any undesirable taste or burps.

I was sent a bottle of Omega 3 fish oil from the brand, ISLAND'S MIRACLE. This ULTRA OMEGA-3 FISH OIL comes in a 180 bottle.  I like how it has an enteric coating that has a slight lemon oil flavor.  I do want to note that these do smell fishy straight out of the bottle, so you may get a whiff of fish. :)  I am not fond of the smell, but I do not notice anything when I swallow them.  I am not a burpy person anyway, so I cannot guarantee that you won't have fishy burps, but the brand does state that you won't.  

This supplement provides a nice 2,600 mg per serving of Omega-3.  The Omega contains: 650mg DHA, 860mg EPA, and 130mg other fatty acids.  This brand guarantees that their fish is USA sourced and top quality.  They use a special distillation method to safely remove heavy metals and harmful toxins.  This is important to me especially since I am breastfeeding.  It does says on the bottle to check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.  I took plant based Omega DHA when I was pregnant for extra precaution.  I like knowing that this supplement is third party tested as safe.

I like taking omegas as they have a numerous benefits to health and beauty as well.  Omegas contain vitamin E, which strengthens and nourishes skin and hair.  The fatty acids in fish oil capsules can beautify your hair, giving it a natural luster, make it softer and make it stronger.  Omega-3 fatty acids benefit our skin by reducing skin dryness and make skin softer.  Omegas in fish oil can benefit the heart and brain as well. 

I have been taking these pills for almost 3 weeks and have not had any issues with them.  I do find them on the large side, but most fish oil pills are about this size.  Despite their large size, they do glide well when swallowed.  I like how many pills are in the bottle, for the price.  

These are available on Amazon: Fish Oil Omega 3


*I was sent one bottle for review, all opinions are my own and honest.

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