Thursday, April 30, 2015

Scarlet Detangler and Black Satin Paddle Brush by Hair Symphony Review

I was sent a brush set for review from Hair Symphony. The set comes with a satin matte finish red and black detangling brush that has flexible pins, and a large square paddle brush with ball tips. The detangling brush is the one that gets used most. I have only used the large brush 2 or 3 times as although it is nice, it seems like most other brushes I have tried and does not work well on my four year old daughters super fine and long hair (bottom length). She likes how the detangling brush easily glides through her hair without tugging. It is always a struggle brushing her hair as during the day she likes me to put it in a high top knot ballerina style. She plays and naps on it, and sometimes we go a day or 2 without brushing her hair as she does not sit still for long.

This detangling brush is gentle, but you do need to go slow and start from the bottom and go up, in small sections at a time. It can be used wet, but we prefer to use it on dry hair as hair is more fragile when wet.  I usually have her do a puzzle or color at the table when I brush her hair as it is usually at 20-30 minute ordeal.  It still takes as much as 15-20 minutes to brush her hair, but it is a much more relaxing and calm time.  She is not constantly trying to get away from me (due to it hurting) and he and I can have a conversation about something instead of her crying or fighting the brush.

The brushes came with a black bag but ours was very unappealing as it had a messily printed logo that was badly smeared and so sadly we had to throw it out.  Other than the bag being a disappointment, the brushes work well for both our hair types.  Her hair is very long, fine and straight.  My hair is wavy to curly in some areas, very thick and long.  My hair does take longer than hers (usually mine takes 30-45 minutes no matter what brush I use).

I do prefer my Mason Pearson Mixed Popular in Pink, but of course that is not an equal comparison as the MP is nearly $200 depending on where you get it. :)  Mason Pearson brushes have been around a long time and are an investment.  I obviously won't travel with it or keep it in my purse as I would not be able to replace it.  I like the Hair Symphony brush due to its small size that can fit in my purse or the glove compartment of our suv.  It can easily for replaced if lost.  It works well for us and we like it a lot.

* I was sent this Hair Symphony Brush set to review, this is my honest opinion. The brush set is available on Amazon: Hair Symphony Brush Set

Attached are pictures of my 4 year old's hair.

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