Sunday, April 5, 2015

Reusable Baby Food Pouches by Easy Anywhere Reviewed

I have a 4 year old and an 11 month old and so we are always packing food and snacks for car rides and outings. Even a simple trip to the grocery store calls for raisins, apple sauce, cheddar bunnies, or baby food for my 2 little ones. Taking glass jars of baby food is not the best solution and gets messy and so I was happy to be sent some reusable food pouches to review from Easy Anywhere.  You can find Easy Anywhere pouches on Amazon as well.  The color of these pouches is nice and i love the kangaroo logo, very clever and cute!

If you are like us, you have purchased the non refillable food pouches at the store for about $2 and thrown them away, feeling cheated and wishing you got more than you paid for.  This pouch is fantastic, you can fill with whatever puree / apple sauce consistency food, and refill the pouch again-and-again.  This is easy to take in your diaper bag and there are no accidental spills with the reinforced double zipper.  It is safe to use (BPA-free, PVC-free & phthalate-free).

The Easy Anywhere Food Pouch has a convenient window at the back so you can easily see how much food is left.  To clean this you can use a bottle brush to clean the pouch and then put directly in the dishwasher on top rack.  These have not had any fading after a month of daily use (we use them at home a lot as well) and they look great after dishwashing as well.  Often I feed baby in the living room so this keep things neat and tidy.  I do suggest you leave about a 1 inch space from the top to prevent it spilling out when you zip it closed.

I recommend this set.  My 4 year old likes applesauce in these as well.  These are perfect for going to the zoo or fair as well, when baby is in a stroller or being carried in a carrier.

*I was sent reusable food pouches to review from the company, all opinions are my own.

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