Saturday, April 4, 2015

Brillante Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Electronic Home Insect & Rodent Control: Review

As much as we dislike to talk about them, many of us have the occasional bug, spider or mouse in our home. We live in the country in a poorly insulated and poorly sealed 100 year old home and get creepy crawlies more often than we like. I do not use traps as I do not want to see a invalid mouse caught and I do not want the dangerous traps in the house with 2 small children. I recently was sent an electronic ultrasonic pest repeller to test from Brilliante. Ultrasonic devices are an option for those who wish to maintain a pest-free home without the use of poisons or chemicals. These use ultrasonic sound frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear and electromagnetic fields. I am not particularly knowledgeable of the science of how these work, but basically the negative ions and the ultrasonic high frequency sounds drive pests crazy to much they want to leave. This pest repeller plugs into a wall outlet, and includes 4 switches that let you select which of the 4 functions you want to activate. I always turn all 4 on as I want the maximum repellant action. :)

Depending on what modes you are using (up to 4) there are different color LED lights which indicate which features are active. Something that is interesting is that the negative ions and O3 modes help eliminate odors, airborne pollutants and to reduce virus and bacteria levels. This was something new to me, and I figured, why not repel pest and hopefully clean the air as well? I have only had this unit for 1 month, so I cannot be 100% sure it is working, however it is giving me peace of mind for now. I will be able to tell better when summer comes along as that is *looks around to see if it is safe to mention the word and then whispers so they cannot hear* (spider) season for us in our home. REALY scary thick ones, eww. Yeah, pretty gross, and last year there was a yellow and black spider outside hanging off our porch. I am pretty sure it was poisonous. Spiders and mice, I am crazy afraid of both of them. The bad thing is, my husband is pretty much the same with spiders as I am, luckily he is okay with dealing with the mice.

This unit is quiet and so we will keep testing it out. It is currently in our kitchen. There are 2 issues that I want to make note of, one is that this device takes the space of 2 outlets (boo) and the other is the switches are tight and difficult to move on/off. I keep the switches on all the time, so for me, the switch is only difficult for the first time, and then we just keep them on.

*This was sent to me for my honest review.

This is available on Amazon: Brillante Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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