Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sentey Flow Foldable Headphones Review

*I was sent some headphones to review from Sentey for my evaluation*

I had not heard about them previously, but they are popular for avid gaming products.  Here are the headphones I was was sent: Sentey Flow Headphones.  These are designed for children and teens.

I love using headphones that are over the ear style as I have never been a fan of ear buds.  The only benefit of ear buds (to me) is that they are extremely space saving and fit in my pocket.  These headphones fold down very compact and I love that the cord can be removed, then wrapped up during travel or storage.  I can put these In a bag without taking up much space.

I like how they are flexible and fit many sizes from kid to adult.  I personally would not allow my 4 year old or a young child use them as I would worry about them turning the volume too loud.  These get incredibly loud on the highest setting.   We have another brand of children’s headphones that have a safety switch on them so that they only go to a certain volume and the rocker part is fixed so that it does not roll (it basically does not turn fully).  These are sturdy enough for someone who is rough on their headphones, so I do understand why some children would use these.  They fit my head and my husbands head well.

These have been tested and function well on my Macbook Pro, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy cell,  and Ipad.  I have not had expensive branded headphones ($50 is my max) so I cannot compare them to those, but obviously these would not compare to ones that are a couple hundred.  If you are looking for a travel pair or a spare to have when you are working out or watching movies on your laptop, I recommend them.  For the price of under $20, they are a great deal and if they do break or get left somewhere, they are easily replaced.  I do not feel that they would break easily, but it is nice to know that they are offered so reasonably.

They do have a pin hole speaker on them so you can answer the phone while wearing them and be handsfree or use them to speak during a multiplayer pc game.  I have not tested that aspect yet, but since my husband uses these for podcasts frequently, he is bound to have a phone call during a session.

My only recommendation would be to make them in a pink pair and a kelly green or lime green color.  I have the blue and white as I intend these to mainly be for my husband when he listens to podcasts and news on his cell phone.  These are an attractive color, but as crazy as it sounds, I like to coordinate all my electronics and accessories.

*I was sent a sample set for evaluation; however, this is my honest opinion of the product.

You can learn more on their website.  These are found on Amazon and are currently less than $15: Sentey Flow Headphones

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